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24 Dec 2015SSL selected to provide new high throughput satellite to Telesat
27 Feb 2013Russia blames faulty Ukrainian parts for Zenit crash
01 Feb 2013Intelsat 27 lost in botched Zenit 3SL launch
22 Oct 2010GMA takes capacity on APSTARs
27 Aug 2010APT Satellite Holdings Ltd. interim results H1 2010
28 Jan 2010Orbitnet to use capacity on Telstar 18
17 Dec 2009Funny pictures for free - just start grabbing!
11 Dec 2009Chinese company uses Telstar 18 to serve NATO in Afghanistan
01 Sep 2009Update: Palapa D in useless orbit after failure of Chinese launcher
02 Jun 2009Telesat sells interest in Telstar 10 (Apstar IIR)
31 Jan 2007Zenit-3SL explodes on launch pad
29 Mar 2006Loral Space & Communications Inc. results 2005
02 Feb 2006Loral to build, operate Telstar 11N
02 Dec 2005Intelsat, Apstar pool satellite capacity
27 Jun 2005Loral Skynet launches Skyreach IP services for Asia
15 Jun 2005Telstar capacity for Asian customers
16 Feb 2005XM-3 pre-launch details
14 Jan 2005SingTel renews and extends agreement with Loral
20 Oct 2004HPT takes capacity on Telstar 18
07 Oct 2004Sea Launch completes investigation of in-flight anomaly
23 Aug 2004Telstar 18/APSTAR V operational
13 Jul 2004Telstar 18/Apstar V reaches in-orbit testing position
05 Jul 2004Energia, Sea Launch investigate partial Zenit-3SL failure
30 Jun 2004Upper stage failure shortens Telstar 18's life by two years
29 Jun 2004Telstar 18 can be saved despite lower orbit, Loral says
25 Jun 2004Telstar 18/Apstar V pre-launch details
17 Jun 2004Vessels on their way for next Sea Launch
16 Jun 2004Loral Skynet adds Telstar 18 to EPOCH satellite control system
14 Jun 2004Loral Skynet extends agreement to distribute HBO Asia on Telstar 10
11 May 2004Spacehab results Q3 FY2004
18 Mar 2004Intelsat buys, renames Loral's North American satellites
01 Mar 2004Loral Skynet offers Telstar 10 capacity for occasional use in Asia
12 Jan 2004Star of the South: from the equator into space
30 Dec 2003Telstar 14/Estrela do Sul cruising to the equator
25 Dec 2003Class Action Complaint on behalf of Loral shareholders filed
24 Nov 2003Estrela do Sul arrives at Sea Launch Home Port
14 Nov 2003Loral Space & Communications results 3Q 2003
15 Jul 2003Loral files for chapter 11, sells 6 satellites to Intelsat
08 Apr 2003APT Satellite results 2002
01 Apr 2003Loral results 2002
09 Dec 2002Apstar V on Zenit 3SL, report
24 Oct 2002\"Jam resistant\" Apstar VI on Chang Zheng
27 Sep 2002Alcatel communications payload for DFH 4
23 Sep 2002Loral to share APSTAR-V with APT
11 Sep 2002APT Satellite Holdings results 1H 2002
23 May 2002CCTV on Apstar
15 Apr 2002Atlantic Bird 1 looking for launch opportunity
08 Apr 2002APT 2001 results
14 Feb 2002Loral Space & Communications 4Q 2001 results
09 Jan 2002Loral reaches settlement with U.S. government
11 Dec 2001APT orders Apstar VB from Alcatel Space
02 Aug 2001No U.S. satellite exports to China
18 Jul 2001Republican senators want to stop satellite exports to China
09 Jan 2001APT orders Apstar V
20 Aug 1999Loral leases Apstar IIR
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