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27 Apr 2017Erwin Hudson to lead Telesat's LEO satellite programme
03 Oct 2016Services restored on Telesat's Anik F2 satellite after outage
22 Sep 2014New terminal enables in-flight Ku-/Ka- band network switching
07 Oct 2011Anik F2 working again; anomaly was caused by software
06 Oct 2011Anik F2 goes AWOL
19 Mar 2010Orbital selects EMS Technologies to supply Redundant LNA Assemblies
08 Jan 2010Update: Xplore to lease Loral's ViaSat-1 capacity
28 Jul 2008Telesat issues call for interest in satellite capacity
29 Oct 2007BTV+ announces high definition satellite capability
17 Aug 2007Glentel installs new satellite hub
24 May 2007ViaSat expands agreement with WildBlue
10 Apr 2007Telesat's Anik F3 launched by Proton
05 Apr 2007Anik F3 pre-launch details
20 Mar 2007WildBlue-1 switched on
09 Dec 2006Flawless Ariane 5 launch for WildBlue 1, AMC 18
07 Jun 2006Telesat to provide Canadian Coast Guard with satellite broadband
05 May 2006Advantech SatNet demos DVB-S2
28 Feb 2006WildBlue 1 to launch in Q4 2006
14 Feb 2006NSR: satellite broadband enters 'new era'
07 Feb 2006Auroras selects Telesat as exclusive satellite provider
20 Sep 2005Two-way Internet via satellite on Anik F2
11 Aug 2005First Ariane 5GS launches iPSTAR
25 Jul 2005Arianespace sets new iPSTAR launch date
23 Jun 2005IA-8 sea-launched by Zenit-3SL
25 May 2005Telesat launches satellite broadband Internet service
20 May 2005WildBlue service roll-out in the first week of June
11 May 2005Telesat to buy ViaSat Ka-band consumer terminals
26 Apr 2005WildBlue announces June service launch
24 Mar 2005Telesat and EMS Satellite Networks to use DVB-S2 on Anik F2
24 Mar 2005Anik F2 SpaceMux successfully tested
23 Mar 2005Efficient Channel Coding demos iSatLite
04 Nov 2004Star Choice expands channel line-up
15 Oct 2004RAMTelecom launches LinkStar Service
07 Oct 2004Anik-F2 begins commercial operations
02 Aug 2004Prof in orbit over satellite launch
20 Jul 2004WildBlue launches satellite
19 Jul 2004Ariane-5 puts massive Canadian satellite into orbit
16 Jul 2004Good morning, Telesat
16 Jul 2004Anik F2 has to wait another day
14 Jul 2004Next attempt to launch Anik F2
13 Jul 2004Delay of the day - double feature: Anik F2, Aura
08 Jul 2004Anik F2 pre-launch details
07 Jul 2004Anik F2 ready for launch
07 Jul 2004Telesat sees space for growth
10 May 2004ViaSat and Telesat sign contract for Anik F2 equipment
03 Mar 2004Telesat, ViaSat partner to provide commercial Ka-band services
25 Feb 2004Rosetta/Philae pre-launch details
29 Oct 2003Telesat Canada results 3Q 2003
01 Oct 2003EMS delivers SpaceMuxen
08 Jul 2003Arianespace to purge order book, reports
22 Apr 2003US$156 million investment in WildBlue closes
15 Feb 2003WildBlue books Ariane launch for Internet satellite
04 Feb 2003Telesat orders Anik F1R from Astrium
31 Dec 2002Whatever happened to... ?
23 Dec 2002WildBlue revival confirmed
20 Dec 2002Financing for Anik-F2 Ka-band payload
24 Jul 2002Telesat Canada results 2Q 2002
06 May 2002Telesat results 1Q 2002
17 Jan 2002Andrew removes WildBlue from backlog
04 Oct 2001Telesat satellites \"on schedule\"
26 Jun 2001Telesat increases WildBlue stake
12 Dec 2000EMS antenna for Anik F2
22 Nov 2000Anik-F1
14 Nov 2000Anik F1 pre-launch details
19 Jul 2000iSky receives another US$137 million
31 May 2000Echostar IX C-band capacity
31 May 2000Anik F2 to be launched aboard Ariane 5 in 2002
26 May 2000Cancom procures Anik transponders
20 Apr 2000Yet another Anik-F2 contract
18 Apr 2000Anik F2 ordered
17 Apr 2000Government money for Anik F2 payload
28 Mar 2000iSKY deals with Echostar, Telesat
03 Feb 2000Telesat Canada offers satellite services in the U.S.
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