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18 Apr 2017TAS completes delivery of GK2A communications payloads
14 Dec 2016TAS Spain delivers 2nd panel for GEO-KOMPSAT-2 comms payload
13 Feb 2015Arianespace to launch GEO-KOMPSAT 2A and 2B
10 Sep 2014Airbus DS subsystems for Korean satellites
10 Jun 2014Northrop Grumman to supply navigation system for GEO-KOMPSAT-2
27 Jul 2009Arirang 2 to stay a little bit longer
12 Jan 2009H-IIA launch contract for South Korean satellite finalised
31 Oct 2008Japan likely to launch South Korea's Arirang 3
08 Aug 2008Astrium wins Chilean optical Earth observation system
16 Jan 2008South Korea details satellite plans
04 Jan 2008Contact lost with Arirang 1
17 Oct 2006Arirang 2 pictures distorted?
29 Aug 2006First picture from Arirang 2 received
04 Aug 2006Super NiCd battery aboard KOMPSAT-2
28 Jul 2006Rokot successfully launches South Korea's KOMPSAT-2
12 Jul 2006Arirang 2 to be launched on 28 July
20 Feb 2006Launch updates
01 Feb 2006Astrium to develop Algerian satellite imaging system
21 Dec 2005Update: Delays and launches
19 Dec 2005Delays and launches
19 Jul 2004EADS Astrium wins contract for Thai imaging satellite
04 Feb 2004Tests ensure that Rokot and its passenger can talk to each other
15 Dec 2003Eurockot to launch GOCE in 2006
30 Oct 2003Rokot places SERVIS-1 into orbit
17 Sep 2003KOMPSAT 2 propulsion system ready
05 Sep 2003South Korea, Israel to co-operate on satellites
21 Jul 2003SERVIS-1 launch in October 2003
30 Jun 2003Rokot's Mutiple Orbit Mission successful
16 Dec 2002South Korea abandons Chinese, Indian rockets
21 Mar 2001South Korea selects Long March for KOMPSAT 2
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