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AMC 14


Articles in our archive

19 Apr 2010GSLV-D3 doomed by turbo pump problem - report
17 Dec 2009Funny pictures for free - just start grabbing!
21 Sep 2009Super-secret satellite spotted
01 Sep 2009Update: Palapa D in useless orbit after failure of Chinese launcher
29 Jan 2009Stranded satellite finally reaches geosynchronous orbit
12 Sep 2008Ellipso to examine 'potential patent infringements' by O3b
19 Aug 2008Proton returns to commercial flight with I4-F3 launch
07 Aug 2008EchoStar received insurance for AMC-14
01 Jul 2008Update: Proton-M to launch third Inmarsat I4 satellite in August
17 Jun 2008Briz-M cleared for return to flight
06 Jun 2008Insurers sell stranded satellite to U.S. military, report
28 Apr 2008SES S.A. results Q1 2008
24 Apr 2008Khrunichev to tackle QC problems with 'quality initiative'
23 Apr 2008SES Negotiating To Sell AMC-14 To US Government Agency
21 Apr 2008Ruptured Briz M gas duct caused loss of AMC-14
11 Apr 2008No trip to the moon: Americom declares AMC-14 total loss
25 Mar 2008Too few or too many?
25 Mar 2008Proton Upper-Stage Failure Creates Tough Choices for Companies
20 Mar 2008Aon sees 'pivotal time' for space insurance after latest failure
17 Mar 2008Americom 'exploring options' for AMC-14
15 Mar 2008AMC 14 launch ends with another setback for Proton/Briz M
10 Mar 2008AMC-14 pre-launch details
20 Feb 2008SES Americom's AMC-14 satellite slated for launch on 15 March
12 Feb 2008A2100 satellite fleet achieves 200 years in orbit
14 Nov 2007Sirius 4 pre-launch details
29 Oct 2007SES S.A. results Q3 2007
11 Jul 2007Astra 1L operational; enables satellite moves
20 Feb 2006SES Global SA results 2005
16 Feb 2006EchoStar 'Sea Launched' after two delays
06 May 2004Update: EchoStar to use AMC-14 through 16
19 Apr 2004ILS to launch three more SES satellites
25 Mar 2004EchoStar to take two more Americom birds -- report
05 Jan 2004SES Americom orders AMC-14, report
08 Sep 2003AMC-15 launch date set
27 Mar 2003EchoStar takes AMC-15 capacity
29 Jul 2002SES Americom names key personnel for Americom2Home
12 Nov 2001New names for GE satellites
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