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18 May 2016Japanese orbiter officially begins science mission at Venus
15 Mar 2016Venus finally in sight for JAXA's once-wayward Akatsuki probe
17 Feb 2016Groundbreaking giant antenna to be retired / Supported JAXA's Hayabusa, Akatsuki space missions
09 Dec 2015Venus Climate Orbiter \"Akatsuki\" inserted into Venus orbit
07 Dec 2015Akatsuki performs Venus orbit insertion manoeuvre
19 Nov 2015Tiny thrusters to do heavy lifting as Japanese probe approaches Venus
09 Sep 2015Back from the brink: Akatsuki returns to Venus
06 Feb 2015Venus Climate Orbiter \"Akatsuki\" to try orbit injection in December
31 Jan 2012Akatsuki to try for Venus orbit in December 2016
22 Nov 2011Crippled space probe bound for second chance at Venus
08 Sep 2011JAXA successfully tests Akatsuki engine
06 Sep 2011JAXA to ignite Akatsuki's engine for another bid to enter Venus's orbit
05 Jan 2011JAXA may make second try at Akatsuki-Venus rendezvous one year earlier than planned
27 Dec 2010Failure of Venus probe Akatsuki likely due to faulty valve
20 Dec 2010Nozzle may have doomed Akatsuki, but could also save it
20 Dec 2010Japanese space probe most likely overshot Venus due to engine trouble
13 Dec 2010Fuel supply may have foiled Akatsuki
10 Dec 2010Akatsuki was hit by fuel pressure drop, attitude loss
08 Dec 2010Akatsuki misses Venus orbit but might try again in 2016
07 Dec 2010Akatsuki in safe mode after attempt to enter Venus orbit
06 Dec 2010'Akatsuki' probe set to try and enter Venus's orbit
07 Jul 2010Novel ceramic thruster verified in orbit
21 May 2010Update: H-IIA lifts off with Venus probe, solar sail and microsatellites
20 May 2010H-IIA lifts off with Venus probe, solar sail and microsatellites
18 May 2010Akatsuki launch rescheduled
17 May 2010Delay of the day: Akatsuki
11 May 2010Venus probe and solar sail join H-2A rocket for launch
03 Mar 2010Launch date set for Japanese Venus probe
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