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02 Mar 2015AEHF 4 propulsion core and payload module integrated
20 Aug 2014Aerojet Rocketdyne receives award for helping save stranded satellite
08 Apr 2014AEHF-4 begins integration months ahead of schedule
18 Sep 2013Third AEHF satellite launched
17 Sep 2013U.S. Air Force ready to launch third AEHF satellite
12 Sep 2013Netherlands makes call on AEHF satellite
11 Sep 2013Third AEHF satellite encapsulated for launch
20 Jun 2013Canada makes first call on AEHF
17 Dec 2012AEHF team completes integration milestone ahead of schedule
14 Nov 2012Update: Second AEHF satellite successfully completes on-orbit testing
01 Nov 2012Second AEHF satellite successfully completes on-orbit testing
03 Jan 2012Risky Rescue for Crippled Air Force Satellite
16 Dec 2011AEHF-1 in-orbit testing continues
02 Nov 2011US Air Force AEHF-1 satellite completes payload activation
26 Oct 2011AEHF-1 reaches geostationary orbit after 14 months
04 Oct 2011AEHF-1 expected to reach orbital slot in late October
22 Jul 2011AEHF-1 propulsion system failure blamed on piece of cloth
18 Apr 2011AEHF-1 orbit raising proceeds well
23 Nov 2010USAF: AEHF-1 Engine Failure An Anomaly
23 Nov 2010Dual-mode HTPS saves AEHF-1
17 Nov 2010AEHF-1 rescue operations continue as planned
05 Nov 2010Astrotech results Q1 2011
20 Oct 2010Main engine probably not to blame for AEHF 1 trouble
18 Oct 2010Patience required as AEHF 1 recovery begins new mode
06 Sep 2010First milestone reached on AEHF 1's long road to orbit
02 Sep 2010Investigators probing what went wrong with AEHF 1
30 Aug 2010Plan B for AEHF 1 orbit-raising manoeuvres implemented
23 Aug 2010AEHF 1 orbit-raising manoeuvres delayed
16 Aug 2010First Advanced EHF satellite launched
28 May 2010Delta IV launches first GPS IIF satellite
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