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19 Oct 2017Spacecom orders two Falcon 9 launches
20 Jun 2016TAS to supply payloads for Ekspress-80 and Ekspress-103
17 Dec 2015Research into the causes of Amos-5 satellite failure
15 Dec 2015Spacecom confirms: Amos 5 lost in space
25 Nov 2015Spacecom expects insurance for Amos 5 in 2016
23 Nov 2015Update: Amos 5 silent, possibly lost
21 Nov 2015Amos 5 silent, possibly lost
15 Jun 2015More Saft batteries for Reshetnev satellites
19 Nov 2014Eutelsat and Spacecom create unified neighbourhood at 16-17 east
27 Mar 2014Loutch 5V (5B) and KazSat 3 delivered to Baikonur
31 Oct 2013Amos 5 problem resolved
22 Oct 2013Spacecom reports Amos 5 satellite fault
18 Apr 2013Ku-band VSAT services for Southern Africa on Amos 5
20 Nov 2012Spacecom awarded two new contracts by DRS Technical Services
17 Apr 2012African customer extends Amos-5 capacity contract
12 Dec 2011Proton demonstrates dual-launch capability (again)
26 Nov 2011ILS Proton successfully launches the AsiaSat 7 satellite for AsiaSat
22 Nov 2011Spacecom Exec Talks AMOS-5, Growing Satellite Communications Market
11 Nov 2011Russian relay satellite arrives at launch site
07 Nov 2011Amos-5 delivered to spaceport
04 Jul 2011Delay of the day: Amos 5
17 Jun 2011Ground control segments for Amos-5, Telkom-3 by ISS-Reshetnev
26 Oct 2010Amos-5 payload delivered to ISS-Reshetnev
22 Sep 2010Amos-5 completes more tests
10 Aug 2010Amos 5i running out of fuel earlier than expected
23 Jun 2010ISS Reshetnev, Saft sign Li-ion battery frame contract
31 May 2010South Africa's Q-Kon selects Amos-5 and Amos-5i
25 May 2010Amos 5 ground tests continue
03 May 2010ISS-Reshetnev boasts new satellite platforms
28 Jan 2010Spacecom takes over AsiaSat 2
28 Jan 2010SpaceX to launch Spacecom satellite
11 Jan 2010Spacecom raises money for Amos interim satellite
24 Nov 2009Spacecom sells African capacity on gapfiller satellite
27 Oct 2009SpaceCom secures loan for Amos 5
29 Apr 2009Amos 5 production progressing on schedule
19 Jan 2009Thales Alenia Space: From 'exceptional' to 'solid' in two years
15 Jan 2009Reshetnev wins satellite order from Indonesia
24 Sep 2008JSC ISS signs battery contract with SAFT
09 Sep 2008Thales Alenia Space to provide comms payload for Amos-5
11 Aug 2008Spacecom orders Amos 5 from JSC ISS -- report
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