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03 Aug 2015AEHF Achieves Initial Operational Capability
10 Jun 2014AEHF satellites connect United Kingdom users for first time
08 Apr 2014AEHF-4 begins integration months ahead of schedule
18 Sep 2013Third AEHF satellite launched
17 Sep 2013U.S. Air Force ready to launch third AEHF satellite
12 Sep 2013Netherlands makes call on AEHF satellite
11 Sep 2013Third AEHF satellite encapsulated for launch
17 Dec 2012AEHF team completes integration milestone ahead of schedule
14 Nov 2012Update: Second AEHF satellite successfully completes on-orbit testing
01 Nov 2012Second AEHF satellite successfully completes on-orbit testing
15 Aug 2012USAF second Advanced Extremely High Frequency satellite activates payload
13 Aug 2012Second AEHF satellite successfully arrives on-orbit
17 May 2012AEHF-2 completes first orbit raising phase
04 May 2012Second AEHF satellite launched
03 May 2012Delay of the day: Atlas V/AEHF-2
23 Apr 2012Atlas 5 topped with anti-jam communications satellite
18 Apr 2012Aerojet delivers 50th flight-ready solid rocket booster to United Launch Alliance
04 Apr 2012U.S. spy satellite lofted by Delta IV
24 Feb 2012AEHF Flight 2 shipped to Cape Canaveral
16 Dec 2011AEHF-1 in-orbit testing continues
09 Feb 2009AEHF-2 undergoing thermal vacuum testing
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