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11 Sep 2017Tesat and BridgeSat partner to provide optical communications
13 Jun 2017First Sentinel-2B images delivered by laser
31 Mar 2017Astro Aerospace selected for Inmarsat 6 antenna reflectors
10 Jun 2015Inmarsat to create fourth full-service L-band region
26 Mar 2015Inmarsat completes successful transition of key services to Alphasat
19 Mar 2015Arianespace to launch EDRS-C satellite
19 Dec 2014Inmarsat transmits record-setting 10 Mbps in L-band
28 Nov 2014First image download over new gigabit laser connection in space
22 Jul 2014Snecma's PPS 1350-E plasma thruster sets world record
15 Jul 2014Airbus Defence and Space delivers satellite digital processor to NEC
02 Dec 2013Inmarsat extends space insurance brokerage contract with Willis
21 Nov 2013Alphasat completes in-orbit tests
11 Nov 2013Alphasat laser terminal identifies target
04 Sep 2013Thales Alenia Space's electric propulsion system validated in orbit
29 Aug 2013Space laser to prove increased broadband possible
27 Aug 2013MSS operators generating revenue of US$1.5 billion in 2012
15 Aug 2013Alphasat: 'Space A380' switches on 'brain'
06 Aug 2013Alphasat reaches temporary geostationary orbit
02 Aug 2013Alphasat deploys solar arrays in geosynchronous orbit
25 Jul 2013Alphasat, INSAT 3D launched
23 Jul 2013Alphasat, INSAT-3D pre-launch details
18 Jul 2013Lasers boost space communications
10 Jul 2013Alphasat and INSAT-3D are fuelled for Ariane 5 flight
04 Jul 2013INSAT-3D completes initial preparations for next Ariane 5 flight
28 Jun 2013Arianespace takes delivery of its next Ariane 5
17 Jun 2013Astrium ships Alphasat
14 Jun 2013INSAT-3D is delivered to French Guiana for next Ariane 5 launch
05 Jun 2013Ariane 5 successfully lifts heaviest payload so far
21 May 2013Ariane Flight VA214's launch vehicle marks a preparation milestone
15 May 2013ATV Albert Einstein is installed on its Ariane 5 launcher
28 Jan 2013Astrium sums up 2012
02 Jan 2013Selected ESA activities in 2013
19 Jan 2012Astrium looks back on 2011
12 Oct 2011Inmarsat selects Willis as space risk management advisor and broker
05 Jul 2011Review clears Alphasat sub-systems for launch
09 May 2011Astro Aerospace delivers giant antenna for huge satellite
16 Mar 2011Alphabus meets Alphasat
30 Sep 2010Hylas-1 to start trip to Kourou early October
22 Apr 2010EU Commission and EIB back launch of prototype satellite Alphasat
29 Mar 2010ESA High-Power Radio Frequency Laboratory moves to Spain
07 Feb 2010Alphabus on the move
15 Jan 2010MT Aerospace qualifies world's largest overwrapped satellite propellant tank
24 Aug 2009MDA gets Alphasat I-XL subcontract
20 May 2009Arianespace chosen to launch Inmarsat's Alphasat
21 Oct 2008MDA antenna feed for Alphasat I-XL
23 Nov 2007Inmarsat and Astrium sign Alphasat I-XL satellite contract
08 Nov 2007ESA, Inmarsat agree on AlphaSat
20 Jun 2007ESA, Inmarsat sign Alphasat MoU
23 Jan 2007Alphasat decision delayed
16 Mar 2006Agreement between ESA and CNES for Alphabus
16 Jun 2005Alphabus development contract signed
20 Jun 2003Alcatel, Astrium to build, market monster platform
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