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18 Sep 2017Hibernation over, New Horizons continues its Kuiper Belt cruise
10 Jun 2014NASA instruments begin science on Rosetta
07 Nov 2011China using Australian satellite tracking station - report
17 Oct 2007Conversation: Saving Space Junk
28 Aug 2007USAF team to Monitor Dawn launch from Northern Australia
23 May 2006Cleaning up space junk may erase history
31 Mar 2006New Horizons instrument checkout on track
07 Mar 2005Rosetta makes closest Earth fly-by
14 Jan 2005SwRI instrument selected for NASA Lunar Orbiter mission
26 Sep 2004SwRI sensor successfully commissioned aboard Rosetta
26 May 2004Rosetta nears completion of first commissioning phase
17 May 2004NASA instrument aboard Rosetta completes checkout
21 Mar 2003Ultra-Long Duration Balloon still won't fly
26 Feb 2001Ultra Short-Duration Balloon
17 Jan 2001NASA to launch research balloon from Alice Springs
29 Feb 2000More channels on Hotbird
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