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28 Jun 2017New DTH platform for Nigeria on ABS-3A at 3W
24 Jan 2017Boeing's second ABS all-electric propulsion satellite enters service
28 Jul 2016Atlas V launches secret payload for U.S. National Reconnaissance Office
11 May 2016Eurovision and ABS partner on ABS-3A at 3 West
07 Mar 2016ABS gets the green light for operations in Brazil
26 Nov 2015SkyVision launches two broadcast platforms over ABS-3A
03 Nov 2015ABS And Arabsat strengthen partnership on ABS-3A at 3 West
10 Sep 2015ABS-3A enters commercial service
12 Jun 2015Boeing to build third all-electric propulsion satellite for ABS
02 Mar 2015Falcon 9 launches first pair of all-electric satellites
09 Jan 2015Boeing completes all-electric propulsion satellites
12 Nov 2014Boeing stacks two satellites to launch as a pair
15 Aug 2014Kratos ISI selected by ABS to expand ground system
15 Jul 2014ABS and Arabsat sign agreement on ABS-3A at 3 West
31 Jul 2013ABS confirms ABS 2A, the second new satellite for 75 degrees East
17 Jul 2013Satmex orders new satellite from Boeing for Latin American Service
05 Dec 2012Saft contracted by Boeing to provide Li-ion batteries for new Boeing satellites
13 Mar 2012Boeing to build, SpaceX to launch satellites for ABS and SatMex
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