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14 Feb 2018NASA ends use of Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer (TES)
31 Jan 2017SES, Satcom Global sign agreement for global Ku-band network
12 Oct 2016Aura team evaluates new data collection method after age-related issue
07 Jun 2016NASA's CloudSat/CALIPSO satellites celebrate 10 years on orbit
12 Aug 2014Orbital-built OCO-2 arrives at head of \"A-Train\" of Earth science satellites
21 May 2014Three Northrop Grumman-built spacecraft mark anniversaries
01 May 2013Fermi space telescope almost hit by old Soviet satellite
09 Apr 2013Raytheon brings automation and virtualisation to NASA's Earth Observing System
02 Jul 2012Shizuku (GCOM-W1) inserted into A-Train orbit
18 May 2012Shizuku completes critical operation phase after launch
07 Jul 2011U.S. lawmakers propose pulling the plug on JWST
22 Feb 2011Glory pre-launch details
14 Dec 2010Dutch Space signs Galileo, TROPOMI contracts
06 Apr 2010Aura continues to operate normally after 12 March incident
31 Mar 2010Aura possibly hit by debris; continues operations
04 Jan 2010PARASOL has left the \"A-Train\"
15 Apr 2008Northrop Grumman submits proposal for GOES-R to NASA
21 Feb 2008Who's next?
30 Apr 2007CloudSat celebrates one year in orbit
03 Jan 2007Raytheon delivers VIIRS sensor engineering development unit
25 Jul 2006CloudSat, CALIPSO checked out
14 Apr 2006Calipso pre-launch details
15 Sep 2005Two satellites to examine clouds
20 Jul 2005Aura marks first anniversary in orbit
26 Nov 2004Nanosat, Parasol, Essaim pre-launch details (II)
05 Nov 2004Parasol, Essaim pre-launch details
04 Nov 2004Astrotech named NASA/KSC Small Business Contractor of the Year
04 Nov 2004Another Northrop SIRU in space
14 Oct 2004Northrop Grumman-built Aura spacecraft declared operational
04 Aug 2004Aura making progress
15 Jul 2004Aura finally lifts off aboard Delta II
14 Jul 2004Low battery current keeps AURA grounded
13 Jul 2004Delay of the day - double feature: Anik F2, Aura
12 Jul 2004Aura delayed two more days
09 Jul 2004NASA to Put 'Aura' Around Earth
08 Jul 2004Suspect transistors delay Aura launch
07 Jul 2004Earth-observing satellite set to launch Saturday
07 Jul 2004NASA's New Eye on Sky to Watch Earth's Ozone
06 Jul 2004Astrotech awarded CALIPSO/CloudSat processing contract
30 Jun 2004Aura launch on schedule, MESSENGER delayed
24 Jun 2004Delta II launches GPS satellite after long delay
22 Jun 2004Two Delta II flights further delayed
14 Jun 2004NASA's Aura Will Track Ozone Depletion, Air Quality and Climate Change
09 Jun 2004Double Delta delay
07 Jun 2004New dates for next Delta II missions
04 Jun 2004Delivery of Aura to launch site delayed
01 Jun 2004Delay of the day: GPS IIR-12
21 May 2004Northrop Grumman wins NASA Goddard Contractor Excellence Award
11 May 2004Spacehab results Q3 FY2004
02 Apr 2004Northrop Grumman delivers NASA's Aura to Vandenberg
29 Mar 2004CALIPSO instruments tested, shipped
24 Feb 2004Aura development complete
22 Dec 2003Delta II launches GPS IIR-10
05 Aug 2003Astrotech awarded new contract
07 Jun 2003NASA awards JWST Science & Engineering Center Contract
31 Mar 2003NASA/Northrop Grumman team wins award for Aqua satellite
26 Mar 2003Two NASA-related contracts for CSC
11 Nov 2002TRW-Built Aqua wins Popular Science Award
15 Aug 2002Lockheed Martin ATC delivers HiRDLS
17 May 2002Aqua's on-orbit checkout proceeds
04 May 2002Aqua
28 Feb 2002Aura does not comply with NASA safety standards
25 Feb 2002Better late than never: TRW ships Aqua
05 Oct 2001What to do with UARS?
24 Aug 2001NASA to dump Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite
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