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09 Dec 2018exactEarth AIS payload on the PAZ radar satellite is now live
01 Nov 2018NASA's Dawn mission ends as satellite runs out of fuel
01 Jul 2018Dawn's engines complete firing; science operations continue
17 Jun 2018Dawn spacecraft flying low over Ceres
21 May 2018China launches relay satellite for Chang'e-4 lunar probe
19 Dec 2017Arianespace chosen by ESA to launch CHEOPS
20 Oct 2017Dawn's mission at Ceres has been extended
13 Sep 2017Soyuz docks with space station, adding three to lab's crew
19 Jun 2017Dawn mission managers await NASA decision on spacecraft's future
27 Apr 2017Dawn observing Ceres; 3rd reaction wheel malfunctions
04 Apr 2017Now to make it pay off
31 Aug 2016Dawn prepares to raise its orbit around Ceres
09 Aug 2016Mini NASA satellite begins environmental testing
04 Jul 2016NASA extends nine missions, including New Horizons and Dawn
01 Jul 2016NASA must decide soon on Dawn mission's next act
30 Jun 2016Dawn Completes Primary Mission
07 Apr 2016Dawn mission expected to go into overtime at Ceres
01 Oct 2015NASA selects investigations for future key planetary mission
12 Jun 2015China working on electric propulsion
27 Apr 2015Dawn enters science orbit
07 Apr 2015Dawn in excellent shape one month after Ceres arrival
06 Mar 2015Dawn enters orbit around Ceres
02 Mar 2015Dawn nears arrival at dwarf planet Ceres
02 Feb 2015Fourth Iranian satellite launched
04 Jan 2015Dawn spacecraft begins approach to dwarf planet Ceres
07 Nov 2014Airbus Defence and Space primes ESA's CHEOPS satellite
17 Sep 2014Dawn exits safe mode
01 Oct 2013NASA comes to a halt after U.S. government shutdown
22 Aug 2013Dnepr launches South Korean satellite
11 Mar 2013Orbital-built satellites exceed 1,000 years of cumulative in-orbit operation
25 Dec 2012Iranian satellite plans
19 Nov 2012Soyuz brings three station fliers back to Earth
05 Nov 2012Intelsat S.A. results Q3 2012
06 Sep 2012Dawn has departed the giant asteroid Vesta
30 Aug 2012NASA's Dawn prepares for trip to dwarf planet Ceres
14 Aug 2012Dawn engineers assess reaction wheel
15 Jun 2012Dawn moving into final science orbit around Vesta
24 Apr 2012Reusable Successor To EELV Moving Ahead
19 Apr 2012Dawn to stay a little bit longer at Vesta
02 Apr 2012Orbital celebrates 30th anniversary of company's founding
29 Feb 2012Intelsat New Dawn MCPC media platform debuts in Africa
22 Feb 2012Iran to launch military observation satellite
28 Dec 2011Arianespace launch accomplishments 2011
13 Dec 2011NASA's Dawn spirals down to lowest orbit
22 Nov 2011Soyuz TMA-02M brings three station crew members back to Earth
08 Nov 2011Intelsat S.A. results Q3 2011
03 Nov 2011Iran to launch imaging satellite in 2012
08 Sep 2011JAXA successfully tests Akatsuki engine
04 Aug 2011New Dawn, Telstar 14R problems likely to trigger insurance claims
01 Aug 2011NASA's Dawn spacecraft begins science orbits of Vesta
18 Jul 2011Dawn enters orbit around asteroid Vesta
14 Jul 2011Tentative timing for Dawn's orbit insertion
08 Jul 2011Dawn team members check out spacecraft
23 Jun 2011Dawn to go into orbit around Vesta next month
15 Jun 2011Iran claims to have launched its second satellite
27 May 2011New Dawn's C-band reflector still stuck
12 May 2011Intelsat: 'Around the clock' effort to budge stuck antenna
11 May 2011Dawn captures first image of nearing asteroid
05 May 2011NASA selects three new Discovery Program investigations
03 May 2011Dawn approaches Vesta
03 May 2011Intelsat New Dawn antenna deployment delayed
22 Apr 2011Ariane 5 ECA sets new record with successful launch
19 Apr 2011Preparations for next Ariane 5 launch on track
15 Apr 2011Blocked nozzle caused Ariane 5 launch abort
11 Apr 2011New date for Ariane 5 launch with Yahsat Y1A, New Dawn
30 Mar 2011Delay of the day: Yahsat Y1A, New Dawn
28 Mar 2011Ariane Flight VA201 launch readiness review completed
26 Mar 2011Ariane Flight VA201 launch readiness review completed
24 Mar 2011Yahsat Y1A/New Dawn pre-launch details
14 Mar 2011SUPARCO denies budget cut for PakSat 1R satellite
14 Mar 2011New flight designations from next Ariane launch
16 Feb 2011Intelsat New Dawn almost ready for launch
08 Feb 2011Arianespace prepares New Dawn/Yahsat 1A launch
07 Feb 2011Same procedure as last year: Iran unveils new satellites
12 Jan 2011Iran announces satellite launch by end of March
26 Nov 2010Ariane 5 launches Intelsat 17 and HYLAS 1
20 Aug 2010NRC endorses LISA gravitational-wave mission
09 Aug 2010Webb Space Telescope promises new look at universe -- if NASA can get it into space
30 Jun 2010Engineers assess reaction wheel on NASA's Dawn spacecraft
29 Jun 2010Aerojet's xenon ion thruster exceeds 30,000 hours of operation
07 Jun 2010What happened to Falcon 9's second stage?
26 May 2010Space shuttle Atlantis lands safely
14 May 2010Space shuttle Atlantis in orbit - likely for the last time
06 May 2010Atlantis to start last flight on 14 May
11 Mar 2010So far no more Kepler hiccups
09 Mar 2010Intelsat S.A. results 2009
12 Feb 2010Proton/Briz-M launches latest Intelsat satellite
20 Jan 2010Iran to unveil three satellites in February
23 Dec 2009Iran announces new indigenous satellite
17 Dec 2009Intelsat orders IS-23 from Orbital
08 Jul 2009Orbital to build new satellite to study X-ray polarisation
11 Jun 2009Intelsat reveals some details on planned satellites
15 Apr 2009Intelsat named \"Operator of the Year\"
15 Apr 2009Arianespace to launch New Dawn satellite
13 Mar 2009AfDB Approves U.S. $25 Million for Satellite Project
06 Feb 2009New U.S. weather satellite successfully launched
14 Jan 2009Orbital to build Intelsat's 'New Dawn'
09 Dec 2008Intelsat in joint venture to launch dedicated African satellite
21 Nov 2008Dawn switches off ion engine for the time being
20 Nov 2008International Space Station: Ten years in orbit
10 Nov 2008Orbital ships OCO satellite to Vandenberg
02 Jan 2008Dawn slowly picks up the pace
10 Oct 2007Dawn switches on ion engine
01 Oct 2007Sputnik: a Mixed Legacy
28 Sep 2007Dawn spacecraft launches to study giant asteroids
28 Sep 2007Dawn's early flight: Spacecraft begins journey to asteroids
27 Sep 2007Delta II brings Dawn on its way to asteroid belt
26 Sep 2007Ball Aerospace completes two milestones for Kepler Mission
26 Sep 2007Dawn pre-launch details
24 Sep 2007NASA postpones Dawn spacecraft launch
19 Sep 2007Update: Most advanced commercial spysat launched by Delta II
28 Aug 2007USAF team to Monitor Dawn launch from Northern Australia
12 Jul 2007Seven years ago: Russia's Zvezda module launched
09 Jul 2007NASA's Dawn mission rescheduled for September launch
06 Jul 2007Dawn launch further delayed
05 Jul 2007Delay of the day: Delta II/Dawn
04 Jul 2007Decision on Dawn spacecraft launch is postponed
02 Jul 2007Dawn Spacecraft Ready To Turn SciFi Into Reality
27 Jun 2007Asteroid mission gears up for launch
27 Jun 2007NASA scrambles to launch Dawn asteroid mission
14 Jun 2007Launch updates
13 Jun 2007Launch updates
07 Jun 2007Astrotech prepares four satellites
07 Jun 2007COSMO-SkyMed 1 pre-launch details
05 Jun 2007Delta 2 launch set for weeklong delay
01 Jun 2007Launch updates
10 Apr 2007Dawn to enter final pre-launch processing
02 Apr 2007ESA, NASA to co-operate on satellite tracking, navigation
22 Sep 2006Atlantis' success spurs talk of visit to Hubble
20 Sep 2006Astrotech awarded new US$9.5 million NASA contract
30 Aug 2006Atlantis gets additional September launch opportunity
20 Jul 200630 years ago, Mars landing laid groundwork for fantastic voyages
10 Apr 2006Soyuz lands; crew OK
28 Mar 2006Weeks After Killing It, NASA Resurrects Mission to Visit Asteroids
28 Mar 2006NASA Revives Mission to 2 Asteroids
28 Mar 2006NASA back on track with asteroids
28 Mar 2006NASA: Mission to asteroid back on
28 Mar 2006NASA's Dawn asteroid mission rises again
28 Mar 2006NASA restarts once-dead Dawn asteroid mission
27 Mar 2006NASA reverts decision to cancel Dawn mission
17 Mar 2006Dawn asteroid mission could rise again
03 Mar 2006NASA cancels Dawn mission--report
24 Jan 2006NASA may pull plug on Dawn asteroid mission
23 Jan 2006NASA postpones troubled mission to visit asteroids
22 Dec 2005Spacehab to process THEMIS
14 Nov 2005NASA stall puzzles techies
09 Nov 2005NASA downsizes, slows Dawn mission to near halt
08 Nov 2005NASA's asteroid-visiting probe put on hold
07 Nov 2005NASA Dawn Asteroid Mission Told To 'Stand Down'
14 Oct 2005The dawn of a new space race?
30 Sep 2005New payload processing contract for Astrotech Space
24 Aug 2005Al-Qaeda eyes a 9/11 for satellites
22 Aug 2005Pakistani gov't approves remote sensing satellites
20 Jun 2005New dawn for space travel as revolutionary Cosmos 1 prepares to unfurl her sails
25 Oct 2004Soyuz crew lands safely
05 Sep 2004Dawn Successfully Passes Critical Design Review
25 Feb 2004Slightly shrunk Dawn mission gets go-ahead
29 Dec 2003Beagle 2 might have ended up in a Mars crater
02 Oct 2003Going up? Space elevator could slash launch costs
18 Aug 2003Boeing EDD to propel Dawn
30 Jul 2003Paksat is a business failure -- report
30 Jul 2003NASA reports new record burn time for ion engine
10 Mar 2003Frequency co-ordination for Paksat 1
16 Jan 2003ISS: Daylight Or Just Another False Dawn?
26 Jun 2002Where is Paksat? (Part III)
02 Apr 2002U.S. Chamber of Commerce wants full funding for SLI
22 Jan 2002You Call That Broadband?
03 Jan 2002Orbital to build Dawn spacecraft
02 Jan 2002Iran's satellite vision enigma
24 Dec 2001NASA selects two Discovery missions
21 Aug 2001Where is Paksat? (Part II)
10 Aug 2001Cluster satellites record \"dawn chorus\"
12 Mar 2001Pakistan develops own satellite launch vehicle
08 Dec 2000After 50 years of effort, interactive TV may be here
24 Jul 2000ISS Spotting
13 Jul 2000Important Proton launch successful
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