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Articles in our archive

15 Nov 2017SSTL to build UrtheCast's UrtheDaily constellation
20 Oct 2017UrtheCast, E-GEOS collaborate to offer optical and SAR products
15 Jul 2015UrtheCast closes acquisition of Deimos Imaging
23 Jun 2015UrtheCast to acquire Deimos imaging EO business from Elecnor
12 Sep 2014First Global Alliance of Earth Observation Satellites Operators
12 May 2014Dauria, Elecnor Deimos to create Earth imaging satellite constellation
11 Aug 2009UK-DMC2 satellite delivers first images just one week after launch
29 Jul 2009Dnepr lofts six satellites in cluster launch
23 Jul 2009UK-DMC2 pre-launch details
22 Jul 2009Revised launch date for UK-DMC2 and Deimos-1
10 Jul 2009SSTL to launch UK-DMC2 and Deimos-1 in July
12 May 200910 year anniversary of first Dnepr launch
19 Jun 2008Enhanced EO satellite UK-DMC-2 passes review
08 Oct 2007SSTL satellites sign-up for 2008 launch
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