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15 Jul 2013The Chief Technologist's view of the HGS-1 mission
08 Jul 2013An alternative view of the HGS-1 salvage mission
13 May 2013Beyond GEO, commercially: 15 years... and counting
01 Sep 2009Update: Palapa D in useless orbit after failure of Chinese launcher
11 Apr 2008No trip to the moon: Americom declares AMC-14 total loss
12 Feb 2008The return of the space tug - thanks to Eutelsat?
06 Mar 2006From chaos, a new order
02 Mar 2006Fly me to the moon -- the sequel?
01 Mar 2006Briz M fails, leaves Arabsat 4A in useless orbit
05 Jan 2006Did Hughes 'cover up' the AsiaSat 3 lunar rescue mission?
17 Jan 2003Frost & Sullivan awards 'Innovative Satellite Service of the Year' to HGS
24 Dec 2002Five years ago: Asiasat 3 launched
02 Dec 2002Still not much hope for Astra 1K
26 Nov 2002Proton K/Block D history and statistics
18 Dec 2000Meet the HGS fleet of satellites
05 Oct 2000bitcentral sells HGS-1 C-band capacity
31 May 2000Orion 3: NASA's next moon probe?
12 May 1999Asiasat 3S operational
12 May 1999Orion 3 Update
22 Apr 1999Meet PAS-22, a.k.a. HGS-1, a.k.a. Asiasat-3
17 Feb 1999Another HS601-HP problem reported
14 Dec 1998Asiasat 3C gets \"free\" ride
30 Oct 1998Asiasat shareholders talk to \"certain parties\"
15 Jul 1998DirecTV looking for another satellite
15 Jul 1998Commander arrives at home port
18 Jun 1998HGS-1 back from lunar trip
17 Jun 1998Six Russian satellites in wrong orbit
19 May 1998Let's do it again
14 May 1998HGS-1 passed the moon, on its way back to Earth
08 May 1998HGS-1 on its way to the moon
30 Apr 1998Fly me to the moon
29 Apr 1998Will the moon save Asiasat 3?
01 Apr 1998Incredible Iridium to be launched by Potent Proton!
10 Mar 1998Asiasat 3S: nothing new
10 Mar 1998Khrunichev may drop DM-4
08 Mar 1998AsiaSat orders 3S
15 Feb 1998Green light for Proton
16 Jan 1998AsiaSat undervalued?
03 Jan 1998Asiasat fully insured
27 Dec 1997Will Asiasat 3 return?
27 Dec 1997Asiasat 3: Scrap Metal
24 Dec 1997Just in: Asiasat 3 up
21 Dec 1997AsiaSat3 goes up on Monday
16 Dec 1997Asiasat 3 set for December 23 launch
27 Nov 1997December launch outlook
26 May 1997CHINA
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