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Articles in our archive

01 Dec 2011Eutelsat to rename (almost) entire satellite fleet
14 May 2008Thales Alenia Space to build Koreasat 6 and possibly new Nilesat
15 May 2007Eutelsat opens new neighbourhood after satellite rotation
03 Jul 2006Hotbird 4 moved, becomes Atlantic Bird 4
20 Sep 2005Noorsat gears up for increasing demand for satellite television broadcasting in the Middle East
06 Sep 2005Hotbird 4 to move and become Nilesat 103
21 Aug 2002Eutelsat Hotbird 6
16 Oct 1998Med-TV jammed again?
13 Mar 199829 degrees East: Hot Bird or Hot Air?
26 Feb 1998Space-based multiplexing
15 Feb 1998Brasilsat, Inmarsat launched
06 Jan 1998European space activities in 1998
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