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Articles in our archive

27 Mar 2009Astrium-built Hotbird 10 satellite for Eutelsat ready for service
17 Feb 2009Latest Hotbird declared operational
05 Feb 2009Hotbird 10, NSS-9, SPIRALE pre-launch details
19 Jan 2009RAI channels to move from Hotbird 8 to 9
16 Dec 2008Eutelsat Hot Bird 9, W2M pre-launch details
08 Dec 2008ART stays on Hotbird 8
06 Oct 2008Surprising change of Ariane 5 launch manifest
09 Apr 2007Hotbird 2 apparently not damaged
02 Apr 2007FRANCE 24 launches Arabic version on Hotbird 8
19 Mar 2007Eutelsat moves, renames damaged satellite -- again
14 Mar 2007Hotbird 2 has power problem
19 Oct 2006Eutelsat shuffles birds, orders new one from Astrium
03 Oct 2006Eutelsat's Hotbird 8 is operational
02 Oct 2006Eutelsat to relocate, rename Hotbird 3
18 Aug 2006Hotbird 8 starts in-orbit testing
05 Aug 2006Back in business: Proton M/Briz M launches Hotbird 8
28 Jul 2006Hotbird 8 pre-launch details
06 Jul 2006Hotbird 8 flown to Baikonur
11 May 2006News in brief
04 May 2006EADS Astrium to build Hotbird 9 for Eutelsat
19 Apr 2006Arabsat 4A report, Hotbird 8 launch delayed
07 Apr 2006Upcoming Proton launches possibly delayed, report
01 Mar 2006Briz M fails, leaves Arabsat 4A in useless orbit
17 Feb 2006Eutelsat Communications results 1H FY2005/2006
01 Feb 2006Eutelsat orders satellite from EADS Astrium/ISRO
20 Jan 2006Eutelsat's Hotbird 7A shipped to launch site
18 Mar 2004First lithium-ion batteries in GEO
15 Mar 2004Eutelsat results 1H FY 2003/2004
23 Feb 2004Saab Ericsson Space wins Hotbird 8, Worldsat 3 contracts
06 Feb 2004EMS Technologies' Montreal space division to deliver Hotbird antenna
21 Oct 2003EADS Astrium gets contract for Arabsat 4A, 4B; Alcatel to provide payloads
12 Sep 2003Eutelsat orders Hotbird 8 from Astrium
12 Dec 2002Flight 157: What did the lost satellites cost?
19 Jan 2001More birds for Eutelsat's zoo
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