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04 Nov 2015Intelsat, JSAT to bring high throughput capacity to Asia Pacific
08 Nov 2011Intelsat S.A. results Q3 2011
12 Feb 2010Proton/Briz-M launches latest Intelsat satellite
14 Jan 2010Intelsat, SES World Skies provide capacity for relief efforts in Haiti
17 Dec 2009Intelsat orders IS-23 from Orbital
15 Sep 2009Saft introduces latest lithium-ion technology with Optus D3
14 Oct 2008News in brief
23 Dec 2007Update: Last Ariane launch in 2007 successful
21 Dec 2007Last Ariane launch in 2007 successful
19 Dec 2007RASCOM-QAF1, Horizons-2 pre-launch details
15 Nov 2007Ariane 5 ECA launches British and Brazilian satellites
05 Nov 2007First pan-African satellite shipped to Kourou
26 Oct 2007Launch date for Rascom 1 and Horizons 2
08 Oct 2007Update: Ariane 5GS launches Intelsat 11, Optus D2
19 Jul 2007Intelsat: Galaxy 17 operational, Horizons 2 delayed
30 Mar 2007Intelsat 11, Horizons 2 moved to Ariane 5
29 Mar 2007Optus orders third satellite from Orbital
10 Mar 2006Measat books Land Launch for Measat 1R, report
04 Oct 2005Orbital orders two more Li-ion batteries
20 Sep 2005Telenor orders Thor II-R
06 Sep 2005Sea Launch signs with PanAmSat for second Land Launch mission
30 Aug 2005PanAmSat, JSAT order Horizons-2 from Orbital
27 Jun 2005PanAmSat, JSAT announce U.S. satellite joint venture
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