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27 Mar 2009Astrium-built Hotbird 10 satellite for Eutelsat ready for service
04 Mar 2009Cyfrowy Polsat increases capacity on Hotbird 9
24 Feb 2009Eutelsat's satellite carousel turning again
17 Feb 2009Latest Hotbird declared operational
27 Jan 2009First Ariane 5 in 2009 delivered
19 Jan 2009RAI channels to move from Hotbird 8 to 9
09 Jan 2009Hotbird 10 is delivered for its February lift-off
21 Dec 2008Last Ariane launch of 2008 successful
16 Dec 2008Eutelsat Hot Bird 9, W2M pre-launch details
11 Dec 2008Integration of Hotbird 9 is completed for next Ariane 5 mission
08 Dec 2008Update: Next Ariane 5 launch rescheduled
05 Dec 2008Next Ariane 5 launch rescheduled
28 Nov 2008Launch updates
19 Nov 2008Preparations for last Ariane launch in 2008 have started
04 Nov 2008Eutelsat revenues Q1 FY 2008-2009
28 Oct 2008Arianespace receives sixth Ariane 5 for launch in 2008
10 Oct 2008Orbital says NSS 9 is ready
06 Oct 2008Surprising change of Ariane 5 launch manifest
14 Aug 2008Ariane 5 launches satellites for Japan, USA
11 Jun 2008TVB to use Hotbird 9 for Chinese TV platform
07 May 2008Eutelsat receives largest launch insurance package from Willis Inspace
19 Oct 2006Eutelsat shuffles birds, orders new one from Astrium
05 Sep 2006Eutelsat orders two Sea Launches
04 May 2006EADS Astrium to build Hotbird 9 for Eutelsat
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