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01 Dec 2011Eutelsat to rename (almost) entire satellite fleet
08 Nov 2010Nilesat takes five Eutelsat transponders
19 Jan 2010EADS Astrium sums up 2009
14 May 2009Astrium to build new bird for Eutelsat
27 Mar 2009Astrium-built Hotbird 10 satellite for Eutelsat ready for service
24 Mar 2009Nilesat, Eutelsat strengthen co-operation at 7 degrees East
10 Mar 2009Third Ariane 5 for launch in 2009 delivered to French Guiana
17 Feb 2009Herschel being processed for next Ariane 5 launch
12 Feb 2009First Ariane 5 launch in 2009 successful
10 Feb 2009Eutelsat Communications results H1 FY2008/2009
10 Feb 2009Two SPIRALE satellites are ready for lift-off as auxiliary passengers
05 Feb 2009Hotbird 10, NSS-9, SPIRALE pre-launch details
27 Jan 2009First Ariane 5 in 2009 delivered
19 Jan 2009SES New Skies' NSS-9 arrives in Kourou
09 Jan 2009Hotbird 10 is delivered for its February lift-off
21 Dec 2008Last Ariane launch of 2008 successful
16 Dec 2008Eutelsat Hot Bird 9, W2M pre-launch details
04 Nov 2008Eutelsat revenues Q1 FY 2008-2009
06 Oct 2008Surprising change of Ariane 5 launch manifest
08 Nov 2006Eutelsat Communications revenues Q1 FY2006-2007
19 Oct 2006Eutelsat shuffles birds, orders new one from Astrium
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