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Articles in our archive

19 Mar 2014Astra 5B/Amazonas 4A pre-launch details
13 Mar 2013Movies to be distributed over Hispasat-1E
21 Feb 2013Hispasat results 2012
19 Jul 2012Hispasat completes transmission tests for emergency services
05 Jul 2012Hispasat makes first transmissions of next-gen 3D TV
24 Apr 2012Hispasat reports revenue growth in 2011
07 Sep 2011Arianespace to launch Amazonas-3 for Hispasat
05 Jul 2011Hispasat selects Gilat for broadband VSAT network
07 Apr 2011RRsat launches new digital platform
07 Jan 2011Mapfre Global Risks insured another Hispasat satellite
29 Dec 2010Last Ariane 5 flight of 2010 successful
28 Dec 2010Delay of the day: Hispasat 1E, Koreasat 6
22 Dec 2010Koreasat 6, Hispasat 1E pre-launch details
14 Dec 2010Ariane 5's sixth launch of 2010 slips back seven days
26 Nov 2010Ariane 5 launches Intelsat 17 and HYLAS 1
24 Nov 2010Hispasat-1E shipped to Kourou
12 Nov 2010Rocket components for Arianespace's final 2010 launch arrived
14 Sep 2010Hispasat has its Monics Carrier Monitoring System upgraded
08 Apr 2009Arianespace again posts small profit
03 Feb 2009Arianespace to launch Hispasat 1E
09 Jul 2008Hispasat 1E order officially announced
03 Jul 2008SS/L to build Hispasat 1E?
04 Apr 2003Hispasat plays down announcement by Mitsubishi Heavy
02 Apr 2003Mitsubishi Heavy close to Hispasat launch contract
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