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Articles in our archive

11 Sep 2012Arianespace signs multi-launch agreement with Sky Perfect JSAT
21 Apr 201125 years ago: Arianespace opens Tokyo office
18 Oct 2006Satellite phone antenna unfurled in space
16 Oct 2006LDREX-2 deploys antenna
14 Oct 2006Update: Ariane 5 lifts two comsats, Japanese experiment
13 Oct 2006Ariane 5 lifts two comsats, Japanese experiment
11 Oct 2006DirecTV 9S, Optus D1, LDREX-2 pre-launch details
10 Oct 2006Delay of the day: Ariane 5 ECA
22 Sep 2006Launch updates: Ariane 5 ECA, M-V-7
08 Sep 2006DirecTV 9S, Optus D1, LDREX-2 launch delayed
12 Aug 2006Ariane 5 ECA launches two satellites for Japan and France
11 Jun 2003Ariane 5 G launches Optus C1, BSAT-2c
20 Dec 2000Astra 2D, GE 8, LDREX
14 Dec 2000Eurasiasat pushed back, Astra 2D next on Ariane
16 Oct 2000Ariane schedule for the rest of the year
01 Jun 2000Arianespace to resume launch campaign 25 July
21 Apr 2000Two Japanese payloads for Ariane
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