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Articles in our archive

11 Jan 2006MSV orders three geo-mobile satellites from Boeing
19 Oct 2005MSV successfully tests hybrid wireless network
25 May 2005MSV receives FCC authority for L-band satellite
29 Nov 2004MSAT 1, 2 now controlled by OS/COMET
19 Jul 2004Ariane-5 puts massive Canadian satellite into orbit
24 May 2004MSV awarded first ATC patent
05 Jun 2003MSV goes terrestrial
20 Mar 2003News in brief
05 Mar 2003Stratos Global renews reseller agreement with MSV
23 Apr 2002EMS terminals for U.S. military
22 Nov 2000Anik-F1
06 Oct 2000TMI rents MSAT-1 capacity
14 Jul 2000MSAT-1 across America
31 May 2000Anik F2 to be launched aboard Ariane 5 in 2002
03 Feb 2000Telesat Canada offers satellite services in the U.S.
28 May 1998Arianespace to launch Anik F1
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