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Articles in our archive

11 Sep 2013HSS, ABS sign multi-satellite capacity deal
17 Jan 2011Wanted: New Philippine satellite
25 Mar 2010Two more customers for ABS-2
16 Nov 2009Eutelsat's Eurobird 4 to help out at 75 degrees East
06 Nov 2009ABS to buy Mabuhay assets
05 Aug 2009PLDT looking for another satellite provider
29 Jul 2009ProtoStar crashes to bankruptcy over slot row
18 May 2009PLDT/Mabuhay exits deals with ProtoStar
23 Sep 2008ProtoStar I troubles may have deepened
18 Sep 2008ProtoStar and PLDT/Mabuhay agree to collaborate on satellite services
03 Aug 2006aeroTelesis signs agreement with Mabuhay Satellite Corporation
21 Jul 2004aeroTelesis to form technical cooperation partnership with Mabuhay
22 Aug 2002Mabuhay reports small profit, looks for allies
08 Feb 2002Ground station antenna boom in Hawaii
04 Jan 2002Mabuhay Satellite eyes Chinese market
23 Oct 2001MEASAT lands in Hawaii
12 Mar 2001PLDT wants 161 degrees East
19 Feb 2001Agila 2 \"permitted space station\"
20 Nov 2000Agila III in the making?
19 Feb 2000Quickies
09 Jul 1999SED to test Telenor satellites
17 Oct 1997Chinese launch success
09 Sep 1997Agila 2 slightly off track
02 Sep 1997Horny satellite at 144 degrees East
21 Aug 1997Windfall transponders
20 Aug 1997Long March lifts Agila 2
12 Aug 1997Wooribyul!
12 Aug 1997Chinese no go
03 Aug 1997Telesat supports Mabuhay
29 Jul 1997China: launch confusion
28 Jul 1997Chinese launch problems (sort of)
05 Jul 1997Philippines: Agila II this year
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