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Articles in our archive

04 Apr 2017Meteosat-7 on its way to graveyard orbit
23 Sep 2016Meteosat-8 ready to boost observations over the Indian Ocean
23 Jan 2015Meteosat-7 becomes EUMETSAT longest-serving operational satellite
20 Apr 2007Meteosat 5 in graveyard orbit
13 Jan 2005Eumetsat to make satellite available for tsunami warning system
24 Mar 2003EUMETSAT control centre experiences communications breakdown
22 Nov 2002First Meteosat launched 25 years ago
26 Sep 2002MSG-1 arrives at test position
28 Aug 2002MSG 1, Atlantic Bird 1
04 Sep 1997Meteosat with new World Record?
03 Sep 1997Dual launch for Europe
29 Aug 1997Ariane to lift Hot Bird 3, Meteosat 7
21 Aug 1997Meteosat 7 to accompany Hot Bird 3
14 Aug 1997Hot Bird 3 gets cold
08 Aug 1997PAS 6 -- The launcher
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