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25 Aug 2016Mexico formally accepts Mexsat system
16 Dec 2015Control of Morelos-3 transferred to Mexico
02 Oct 2015Atlas V successful in rare commercial launch
14 Sep 2015Atlas V to launch Morelos-3 on 2 October
02 Sep 2015Atlas V launches fourth MUOS satellite
12 Aug 2014Atlas V to launch WorldView 3 tomorrow
10 Jun 2014Boeing completes 2nd 702HP satellite for the government of Mexico
21 May 2014Eutelsat Americas aligns satellite names with Eutelsat brand
07 Jan 2014Boeing completes first 702HP satellite for Government of Mexico
03 Jan 2014Eutelsat Communications concludes acquisition of Satmex
09 Sep 2013Lockheed Martin awarded Atlas V launch services contract for Morelos-3
31 Jul 2013Eutelsat buys Satmex
27 Mar 2013Proton/Briz M lifts off with Satmex 8 (part II)
25 Mar 2013Satmex 8 pre-launch details
15 Feb 2013Satmex and ILS announce Satmex 8 launch date
12 Dec 2012Satmex 8 may be delayed, but Satmex 5 to last until October 2013
30 Nov 2012Update: SatMex 8 arrives at Baikonur
13 Nov 2012Hunter Communications sign pre-sale agreement for Satmex 7
24 Oct 2012Satélites Mexicanos announces Satmex 8 launch slot
13 Jun 2012Boeing completes CDR of Mexsat Geomobile Satellite System
19 Sep 2011Satmex signs MNLA to multi-year, multi-transponder agreement
26 Jan 2011Satmex restructuring has started, Mexican government says
29 Dec 2010ILS Proton to launch Satmex 8 in 2012
20 Dec 2010Boeing to build three-satellite system for Government of Mexico
10 May 2010SS/L receives Satmex 8 order, ATP from other customer
17 Mar 2010EchoStar/Satmex deal is off
01 Mar 2010EchoStar to acquire Satmex
01 Feb 2010Update: Life of Satmex 5 shortened by XIPS failure
29 Jan 2010Life of Satmex 5 shortened by XIPS failure
24 May 2006Delay of the day: Thaicom 5, Satmex 5
14 Oct 2004Satmex V in safe mode after attitude problem
20 Feb 2004Atlantic Tele-Network enters broadband satellite ISP market
14 Jul 2003Two more XIPS zapped
04 Mar 2002Satmex results 2001
08 Feb 2002Satmex 6 on Ariane
29 Nov 20012002 will be difficult for SatMex
05 Nov 2001Integral to provide Satmex-6 ground systems
26 Oct 2001U.S.-Mexican satellite services reciprocity in practice
16 Aug 2001Satmex announces second quarter results
15 Dec 2000Satmex 6 to be launched 2003
02 Oct 2000XIPS problem limited to two satellites?
14 Jun 2000ATC books another Sol1 transponder
24 Feb 2000Hughes Networks Systems takes ten Satmex 5 transponders
22 Feb 2000Intersat on Satmex 5
18 Feb 2000Satmex results
20 Jan 2000Tachyon on Satmex 5
13 Jan 2000India, Jordan, Mexico, Argentina, USA
19 Oct 1999NetSat leases SatMex-5 transponder
06 Sep 1999American Multiplexer Corporation on Satmex 5
13 Aug 1999ICG Communications on Satmex 5
06 May 1999Solidaridad 1 still in trouble
30 Apr 1999Solidaridad suffers temporary outage
05 Feb 1999Satmex 5 ready
07 Dec 1998Satmex 5 up after delay
30 Oct 1998Arianespace: five flights in nine weeks
21 Apr 1998Loral Skynet to offer DSNG
27 Mar 1998SatMex 5 to be launched this year
16 Nov 1997Arianespace helps SatMex
24 Oct 1997SatMex to become international satellite player
05 Jul 1997Morelos III on Ariane
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