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Articles in our archive

16 Jan 2014India's latest weather satellite operational
05 Jan 2014First launch of 2014 is success for India
21 Aug 2013INSAT-3D payloads turned on
15 Jul 2011India's PSLV launches C-band satellite
12 Jan 2011EDUSAT reportedly reaches end of life
10 Sep 2007INSAT-4CR placed in near-geosynchronous orbit
02 Sep 2007GSLV returns to flight with INSAT-4CR launch
29 Aug 2007INSAT-4CR pre-launch details
23 Apr 2007Indian rocket successfully launches Italian satellite
05 Jul 2006INSAT-4C pre-launch details
20 Sep 2004Third GSLV flight puts EDUSAT in orbit
05 Feb 2003Columbia disaster: other developments
31 Dec 20022002 launch statistics
01 Oct 2002Indian satellite plans
20 Sep 2002METSAT delivers first images
16 Sep 2002METSAT almost geostationary
13 Sep 2002METSAT first orbit-raising manoeuvre successful
12 Sep 2002PSLV-C4 launches METSAT
06 Sep 2002ISRO to launch METSAT on 12 September
02 Apr 2002India tests improved motor for PSLV
23 Apr 2001More Indian satellites
20 Nov 2000Metsat approved by Indian cabinet
05 Sep 2000India plans Metsat
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