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17 May 2012Launch II: Shizuku, Arirang-3
23 Mar 2005JAXA should learn from mistakes - report
17 Aug 2004JAXA plans solar panel redundancy for GOSAT
02 Dec 2003Rocket failure weakens Japan's space program
06 Nov 2003Japan's new space agency in trouble already
03 Nov 2003Satellite declared lost after it fails to reply
31 Oct 2003JAXA gives up hope on Midori II recovery
30 Oct 2003Fate of Midori II, Kodama still unknown
27 Oct 2003Midori II silent
02 May 2003First Images Successfully Transmitted in DRTS-ADEOS-II Inter-satellite Communications Experiment
07 Apr 2003ESA and NASDA complete ARTEMIS/ADEOS data relay tests
25 Feb 2003SeaWinds delivers first images
25 Feb 2003Kodama 1 successfully relays Midori II data
29 Jan 2003ADEOS II instrument delivers first picture
10 Jan 2003DRTS \"Kodama\" operational
25 Dec 2002Artemis has only 700 km left
20 Dec 2002ADEOS-II ready for on-orbit testing
16 Dec 2002Fourth H-2A lifts four satellites
13 Dec 2002ADEOS II, FedSat pre-launch details
27 Nov 2002Three NASA science missions to launch in December
26 Nov 2002H-2A mission status update: microsats first
30 Oct 2002Fourth H-2A flight on 14 December
17 Sep 2002FedSat agreement signed by CRCSS, NASDA
10 Sep 2002DRTS, USERS
04 Feb 2002MDS-1, DASH
06 Dec 2001Sharper Weather Eyes in the Sky
05 Jul 1997Adeos lost
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