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12 Nov 2019Hayabusa2 about to head back to Earth
18 Sep 2019Hayabusa 2 completes practice run for deployment of last asteroid lander
11 Jul 2019Success of the 2nd touchdown of asteroid explorer Hayabusa2
28 Apr 2019Hayabusa-2: Spacecraft's 'bomb' crater found
06 Mar 2019Here's How It Looks When a Spacecraft Shoots an Asteroid
22 Feb 2019Hayabusa2 lands on asteroid, likely collects sample
23 Sep 2018JAXA lands hopping robots on asteroid Ryugu
27 Jun 2018Hayabusa 2's ion engines a huge improvement on predecessor's
24 Jun 2018Hayabusa 2 space probe adjusts course, enters final leg to Ryugu asteroid
25 Feb 2016DLR and JAXA to strengthen co-operation
17 Feb 2016Groundbreaking giant antenna to be retired / Supported JAXA's Hayabusa, Akatsuki space missions
12 Jun 2015China working on electric propulsion
19 May 2015Four decades of tracking European spacecraft
13 May 2015Japanese scientists abandon plan for asteroid flyby
30 Apr 2015ESA to help tracking Japan's asteroid impact mission
09 Mar 2015Hayabusa 2 moving to cruising phase
05 Dec 2014Hayabusa 2 completes critical operation phase
03 Dec 2014Japan launches second Hayabusa
01 Dec 2014Hayabusa 2 again delayed by bad weather
28 Nov 2014Delay of the day: H-IIA/Hayabusa 2
06 Nov 20143 microsatellites to 'rocketpool' with Hayabusa 2 asteroid explorer
28 Oct 2014JAXA shows off second-generation asteroid explorer
30 Sep 2014Hayabusa 2 to launch on 30 November
02 Sep 2014Amateur Radio Transponder Will Accompany Japanese Asteroid Mission into Deep Space
01 Sep 2014Hayabusa 2 complete, ready to begin its journey to asteroid 1999 JU3
19 Jun 2013Asteroid hopper to fly piggyback on Hayabusa 2
28 Mar 2013Japan prepares for second asteroid sample return
27 Dec 2012JAXA gives sneak peek at new Hayabusa 2 asteroid probe
30 Aug 2012Physics World takes a look at Hayabusa 2
01 Feb 2012Hayabusa's asteroid-sampling mission, take two
25 Jan 2012NEC starts design of Hayabusa 2
15 Nov 2011Hayabusa satellite engineer among 150 honored as contemporary master craftsmen
14 Jun 2011Hayabusa space probe recognized by Guinness World Records
07 Apr 2011Aerojet operates Japanese Hayabusa low-power ion engine
23 Mar 2011Equipment to Study Hayabusa's Asteroid Samples Damaged in Japan Earthquake
15 Dec 2010Nothing seen in Hayabusa's 2nd chamber
29 Nov 2010Software error prevented Hayabusa from firing bullet
18 Nov 2010Gov't cost-cutting panel recommends maintaining space project budget
16 Nov 2010Hayabusa first spacecraft to return asteroid samples to Earth
29 Sep 2010Analysis of Hayabusa samples will wait until 2011
25 Aug 2010Hayabusa analysis going slowly
18 Aug 2010Hayabusa 2 will seek the origins of life in space
13 Aug 2010Can Hayabusa-2's timeline be met?
04 Aug 2010Hayabusa fires up space industry
30 Jul 2010Crowds flock to see Hayabusa asteroid probe capsule
07 Jul 2010JAXA releases pictures of dust found in Hayabusa space probe sample capsule
05 Jul 2010Particles found in Hayabusa capsule
29 Jun 2010JAXA Searching Hayabusa Capsule For Samples
25 Jun 2010Hayabusa capsule yields gas
25 Jun 2010Scientists peer inside Hayabusa asteroid capsule
24 Jun 2010Hayabusa asteroid capsule opening gets under way
22 Jun 2010Will Hayabusa's Success Lead to a Space Encore?
17 Jun 2010Aerojet and NEC collaborate to explore low power ion propulsion systems
15 Jun 2010Hayabusa goes Guinness
14 Jun 2010All's well that end well
11 Jun 2010Hayabusa asteroid probe faces moment of truth
09 Jun 2010Hayabusa on course for Australia landing zone
08 Jun 2010Six days left for Hayabusa: A recap of the mission
31 May 2010Hayabusa on track for landing in two weeks
26 Apr 2010More challenges await Japan's asteroid mission
22 Apr 2010Hayabusa to return to Earth on 13 June
21 Apr 2010From an asteroid to the Outback - Hayabusa space probe set for Aussie splashdown
21 Apr 2010Japanese spacecraft to land in Australia
30 Mar 2010Hayabusa Hits the Homestretch
25 Mar 2010Bringing Back a Piece of Heaven
11 Jan 2010Daring asteroid probe on course to reach Earth in June
19 Nov 2009JAXA develops workaround for Hayabusa ion engines
10 Nov 2009Troubled asteroid mission stumbles on road home
03 Aug 2009Aerojet and NEC co-operate on low power ion propulsion systems
09 Feb 2009Hayabusa's returning home
05 Feb 2009Hayabusa ion engine restarted for trip back to Earth
14 Apr 2008Crippled probe may send cargo drifting into space
13 Feb 2008JAXA wins 2008 Jack Swigert Award for Space Exploration
23 Aug 2007Successful re-ignition of third Hayabusa ion engine
26 Apr 2007Japanese asteroid probe begins trip back to Earth
25 Apr 2007Hayabusa data available online
04 Apr 2007Hayabusa to start return trip to Earth in mid April
14 Feb 2007Hayabusa probe to attempt return journey
12 Feb 2007Asteroid sampler spacecraft could attempt trip home
31 Jan 2007Hayabusa making progress on its way back
05 Jun 2006Hayabusa does have enough power to fly home
08 Mar 2006Update: Partial contact with Hayabusa established
07 Mar 2006Partial contact with Hayabusa established
16 Dec 2005Long delay for asteroid mission
15 Dec 2005Japan to Wait Two Years Before Starting Space Probe's Return
15 Dec 2005Hayabusa: JAXA Delays Departure of Injured \"Falcon\" to 2007
14 Dec 2005New problems delay Hayabusa's return by three years
08 Dec 2005Problems Mount for Japan's Space Probe
07 Dec 2005Troubled Hayabusa probe likely didn't collect asteroid samples
01 Dec 2005Japanese May Lose Hayabusa Spacecraft
30 Nov 2005Thruster problem may scupper Hayabusa's return to Earth
29 Nov 2005Hayabusa problems continue
28 Nov 2005Spacecraft makes a grab for asteroid sample
28 Nov 2005Hayabusa's success must just be 1st step
28 Nov 2005Planetary voyages no longer mission impossible for Japan
27 Nov 2005Hayabusa touchdown apparently successful
25 Nov 2005Astronauts can jump
25 Nov 2005Hayabusa probe prepares for touchdown two
24 Nov 2005Hayabusa to try again Friday (UTC)/Saturday (JST)
23 Nov 2005Surprise: Hayabusa did land on asteroid
22 Nov 2005Hayabusa's last chance
21 Nov 2005Asteroid-sampler misses its mark
21 Nov 2005Asteroid probe fails to land for sampling mission
20 Nov 2005Hayabusa touchdown on asteroid fails
18 Nov 2005Japanese put the rock in rocket
18 Nov 2005Probe Poised for Asteroid Touchdown
14 Nov 2005Hayabusa rehearsal successful but MINERVA lost
11 Nov 2005New schedule for Hayabusa sample collection
07 Nov 2005Hayabusa to try touch-and-go manoeuvre again
04 Nov 2005JAXA cancels Hayabusa touchdown rehearsal
03 Nov 2005Hayabusa probe prepares to punch an asteroid
01 Nov 2005Hayabusa touch-down on 12 November
26 Oct 2005Hayabusa movie of Asteroid Itokawa's rotation
06 Oct 2005Asteroid probe runs into trouble
05 Oct 2005ISAS studies Hayabusa reaction wheel failures
29 Sep 2005Probe set for asteroid touch down
27 Sep 2005Japanese Asteroid Probe Readied to Make History
15 Sep 2005Update: Hayabusa arrives at target asteroid
13 Sep 2005Probe to raid asteroid to unlock solar system secrets
13 Sep 2005Hayabusa Arrives at Asteroid Itokawa
13 Sep 2005Asteroid probe on close approach
13 Sep 2005Japanese probe parks near asteroid target
10 Sep 2005Hayabusa arrives at target asteroid
06 Sep 2005Hayabusa almost arrived at asteroid Itokawa
16 Aug 2005Hayabusa close to rendezvous with asteroid Itokawa
02 Jan 2005Hayabusa's ion engines achieve 20,000 hours of operation
23 Sep 2004NICT and JAXA make first VLBI measurements, track Hayabusa
20 May 2004Hayabusa completes Earth swing-by manoeuvre
08 Oct 2003MUSES-C target asteroid 1998 SF36 renamed
09 May 2003M-5 brings MUSES-C on its way to asteroid 1998SF36
05 May 2003MUSES-C pre-launch details
28 Jan 2003ISAS content with ion engine for MUSES-C
01 Jan 2003More about the O-ring that delayed the launch of MUSES-C
26 Sep 2002Delay of the day: MUSES-C
18 Jun 2002Your name on asteroid 1998SF36
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