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Articles in our archive

03 Apr 2006Spirit's right front wheel permanently stuck
05 Apr 2005Mars Rovers get another mission extension from NASA
22 Oct 2004Mars rover's steering problem returns
10 Oct 2004Spirit rolls on
06 Oct 2004Spirit stands still
22 Sep 2004Mars Explorations Rovers get second mission extension
26 Aug 2004NASA extends Mars Odyssey mission
10 Aug 2004Relays from Mars demonstrate international interplanetary networking
16 Jun 2004Mars Rover develops wheel problem
27 May 2004MER-1 to save energy in 'deep-sleep' mode
29 Apr 2004Mars Rovers have finished primary mission and roll onward
13 Apr 2004'Service Pack 1' for Mars Rover installed
08 Apr 2004NASA extends Mars Rovers' mission
27 Feb 2004NASA Mars Exploration team earns Swigert Award for Space Exploration
12 Feb 2004Mars Express successfully used as relay for MER-2
02 Feb 2004MER-2 resumes operations after file deletion manoeuvre
30 Jan 2004No Life on Mars, But Many Bugs
30 Jan 2004Spirit could be fully restored by Sunday
29 Jan 2004Recovering MER-2 sends picture; defunct heater no concern for MER-1
28 Jan 2004A Thousand Light Years From Home
26 Jan 2004Beagle 2 'probably not active,' Prof. Pillinger admits
26 Jan 2004MER-2 'on the way to a normal recovery'
26 Jan 2004MER-1 lands on Mars
23 Jan 2004MER-2 alive but in critical condition
22 Jan 2004MER-2 stops sending data but responds to emergency signal
21 Jan 2004Second Maestro data package released
15 Jan 2004Mars Exploration Rover rolled out
05 Jan 2004Spirit's high-gain antenna successfully deployed
04 Jan 2004MER 2 lands on Mars, transmits first pictures
01 Jan 2004Spirit makes minor course correction
20 Nov 2003Mars Exploration Rovers not harmed by solar activity
05 Nov 2003Workaround found for MER 2's Mössbauer spectrometer
12 Aug 2003Wish You Were Here, Send Brains
07 Aug 2003Spectrometer aboard MER 2 doesn't work as expected
10 Jul 2003MER-1 reduces spin, starts navigating
08 Jul 2003First Delta II Heavy puts MER-B mission on journey to Mars
27 Jun 2003Mars Exploration Rover-B pre-launch details
10 Jun 2003Spirit in the sky: MER-A mission launched
25 Feb 2003NASA probes may win 'race' to Mars
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