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Articles in our archive

09 Jul 2013SSL celebrates 2,000 satellite years in orbit
29 Jul 2008MBCo pulls plug on satellite multimedia service
21 Mar 2007Mobile satellite operators to face funding problems--report
22 Feb 2007EchoStar affiliate to provide mobile TV capacity for China
21 Feb 2007EchoStar invests in South Korean mobile TV company
21 Feb 2007EchoStar books Proton launch for 2008
10 Jan 2006Satellite DMB Service a Risky Bet
29 Jul 2005Digital satellite radio/multimedia systems in Europe
18 Jul 2005DMB attracts less subscribers than expected so far
19 Apr 2005South Korea: terrestrial TV to be relayed on satellite DMB
06 Jan 2005TU Media to start satellite mobile TV trials on MBSAT
14 Dec 2004TU Media get license for mobile satellite TV service
10 Nov 2004SK Telecom unit applies for license
07 Oct 2004No Korean terrestrial TV on MBSAT for the time being
04 Oct 2004DMB launches in Japan, delayed in South Korea
30 Jul 2004Satellite multimedia broadcasts set for launch in Japan, South Korea
28 Jun 2004Plasma thruster aboard MBSAT work fine, ISTI says
11 Jun 2004Robert Prevaux named SS/L vice president
11 May 2004Spacehab results Q3 FY2004
10 May 2004SK Telecom delays satellite mobile TV broadcasting service
27 Apr 2004MBSAT completes in-orbit testing
22 Apr 2004News in brief
29 Mar 2004MBSat-1 AstroMesh reflector successfully deployed
15 Mar 2004Atlas IIIA launches MBSat multimedia satellite
11 Mar 2004MBSat 1 launch delayed upon request by SS/L
10 Mar 2004Delay of the day: Atlas IIIA, MBSat 1
08 Mar 2004MBSat-1 pre-launch details
19 Feb 2004MBCo selects MiMagic 6 processor for DMB demo
25 Sep 2003Mobile Broadcasting, SK Telecom to share MBSAT
18 Aug 2003Thuraya 2's AstroMesh reflector successfully deployed
24 Jun 2002More satellites for mobile communication
11 Jun 2002Atlas 3 launch I: MBSAT
24 Apr 2002Japan, South Korea to share MBSAT
11 Apr 2002H-2A to back up Ariane?
14 Feb 2002Loral Space & Communications 4Q 2001 results
08 Jan 2002TRW \"moving ahead\" with 12-m antenna for MBSAT
18 Dec 2001SS/L to build MBSAT
16 Aug 2001SS/L to build Japanese digital satellite MBSAT
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