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01 Oct 2015NASA selects investigations for future key planetary mission
30 Apr 2015NASA completes MESSENGER mission with impact on Mercury's surface
16 Apr 2015MESSENGER to crash on Mercury at the end of April
13 Apr 2015Correction manoeuvre puts MESSENGER back on track
23 Jan 2015Manoeuvre delays MESSENGER's impact, extends orbital operations
27 Oct 20143rd of 4 planned manoeuvres extends MESSENGER operations
03 Jul 2014Three new Gonets satellites in orbit
01 Oct 2013NASA comes to a halt after U.S. government shutdown
11 Jul 2013Northrop Grumman's resonator gyro achieves 25 million operating hours in space
25 Mar 2013MESSENGER completes its first extended mission at Mercury
18 Feb 2013Messenger snaps build stunning colour globe of Mercury
23 Apr 2012MESSENGER settles into eight-hour orbit around Mercury
06 Mar 2012Radiation Blast from Big Solar Flare May Threaten Satellites
05 Mar 2012Messenger modifies orbit to prepare for extended mission
15 Nov 2011NASA extends MESSENGER mission
08 Sep 2011MESSENGER navigates hot season, executes orbit-correction manoeuvre
16 Jun 2011MESSENGER adjusts orbit around Mercury
05 May 2011NASA selects three new Discovery Program investigations
31 Mar 2011Astronomers use words like 'awestruck' to describe seeing Messenger's Mercury images
30 Mar 2011The First Ever Satellite Images Of Mercury
23 Mar 2011Spacecraft data confirm MESSENGER orbit and operation
18 Mar 2011MESSENGER becomes Mercury's first artificial satellite
16 Mar 2011Probe set to become Mercury's first artificial satellite
08 Mar 2011MESSENGER less than ten days from Mercury orbit insertion
21 Feb 2011Messenger: Four weeks until Mercury orbit insertion
06 Aug 2010Globalstar, Inc. results Q2 2010
26 Nov 2009Final manoeuvre positions MESSENGER for Mercury orbit insertion
30 Sep 2009MESSENGER enters safe mode during Mercury flyby
23 Sep 2009MESSENGER to fly by Mercury for the third time
11 Aug 2009Globalstar, Inc. results Q2 2009
06 Feb 2009New U.S. weather satellite successfully launched
11 Dec 2008MESSENGER Poised For Third Mercury Encounter
05 Dec 2008Manoeuvre positions MESSENGER for 3rd Mercury encounter
06 Oct 2008MESSENGER visits Mercury for the second time
01 Oct 2008MESSENGER to visit Mercury for the second time
26 Aug 2008Iran's Second \"Safir-E Omid\" (Emissary of Hope) Booster Orbital Launch Attempt
19 May 2008Northrop Grumman resonating gyro achieves 10 million operating hours in space
05 May 2008JHU/APL to build NASA's Solar Probe
16 Jan 2008Probe returns first image of Mercury's unseen side
15 Jan 2008MESSENGER completes first Mercury flyby
07 Jan 2008MESSENGER to fly by Mercury next week
19 Oct 2007Manoeuvre targets MESSENGER for first Mercury encounter
28 Sep 2007MESSENGER team wraps up Radio Science test
06 Jun 2007MESSENGER probe completes flyby of Venus
25 Oct 2006MESSENGER visits Venus
04 Oct 2006JHU/APL receives NASA contract
23 Jun 2006MESSENGER makes final 'flip'
24 Feb 2006Messenger probe nudged towards Venus flyby
23 Feb 2006MESSENGER heads for Venus
06 Jan 2006Longest laser link bridges the gulf of space
06 Jan 2006Space probe breaks laser record
13 Dec 2005First firing of MESSENGER's bi-prop thruster successful
05 Aug 2005Messenger Takes an Earth Pitstop
03 Aug 2005MESSENGER completes successful Earth swingby
25 Jul 2005MESSENGER on its way to Earth fly-by
06 Jul 2005MESSENGER executes successful flyby test
10 Mar 2005MESSENGER deploys magnetometer boom
26 Nov 2004Smart turbo codes
22 Nov 2004MESSENGER completes trajectory correction manoeuvre
10 Nov 2004First scalable SIRU in space
04 Nov 2004Astrotech named NASA/KSC Small Business Contractor of the Year
28 Sep 2004MESSENGER manoeuvred
31 Aug 2004BAE Systems' Processors travel aboard MESSENGER to Mercury
26 Aug 2004Radar to scan shuttle for launch debris
25 Aug 2004MESSENGER corrects trajectory
25 Aug 2004NASA successfully tests launch radars
16 Aug 2004Is Mercury the Incredible Shrinking Planet?
12 Aug 2004MESSENGER in 'great shape'
09 Aug 2004NASA Launches Messenger As NRC Launches Investigation
04 Aug 2004Messenger's launch kicks off 7-year trek to Mercury
04 Aug 2004Messenger leaves on 7-year voyage
03 Aug 2004Delta II launches MESSENGER
02 Aug 2004Ceramic cloth will keep Messenger cool
02 Aug 2004Bad weather prevents MESSENGER launch
29 Jul 2004The long and winding road to a hot planet
27 Jul 2004Mercury Will Become the Next Planet to Get Its Close-Up
27 Jul 2004MESSENGER pre-launch details
19 Jul 2004NASA's MESSENGER probe to launch to Mercury Aug. 2
15 Jul 2004Aura finally lifts off aboard Delta II
30 Jun 2004Aura launch on schedule, MESSENGER delayed
25 Jun 2004NASA eyes tight Mercury mission schedule
24 Jun 2004Delta II launches GPS satellite after long delay
23 Jun 2004Pressure mounts to launch Delta 2 rocket
11 Jun 2004New problems further delay Delta II/GPS IIR-12 launch
11 May 2004Spacehab results Q3 FY2004
07 Apr 2004NASA probe to map Mercury
26 Mar 2004MESSENGER to arrive at Mercury two years later
24 Mar 2004Delay of the day: MESSENGER (again)
10 Mar 2004Messenger shipped to launch site
22 Dec 2003MESSENGER shipped to Goddard for pre-launch testing
23 Oct 2003Boeing terminates payload processing contract with Astrotech
23 Oct 2003Delay of the day: MESSENGER
25 Jun 2003Japan approves BepiColombo mission
10 Apr 2003Spacehab to process two NASA payloads
18 Mar 2003Mercury probe on track for launch in one year's time
30 Jan 2003Space-age marketing
29 Mar 2002NASA satellite to orbit Mercury in 2009
24 Dec 2001NASA selects two Discovery missions
09 Oct 2001EMS to market APL SSPAs
23 May 2001Integral in deep space
26 Mar 2001Outdated big satellite dishes find new life in Appalachia
11 Jan 2000AOL buys Time Warner
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