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Articles in our archive

10 Mar 2016WMO facilitates use of new Himawari-8 satellite data
13 Jan 2010COMS-1 launch planned in first half 2010
16 Nov 2009Update: Himawari 6 suffers blackout, backup satellite takes over
13 Nov 2009Himawari 6 suffers blackout, backup satellite takes over
17 Jul 200750 years ago: SS/L founded
17 Apr 2006Another outage for Himawari 6
18 Feb 2006H-IIA launches MTSAT 2
26 Sep 2005Himawari 6 has six-hour blackout
28 Jun 2005Himawari 6 to replace GOES-9 soon
29 Mar 2005Raytheon Meteorological Imager aboard MTSAT-1R starts working
08 Mar 2005MTSAT-1R arrives in GEO, gets nickname
01 Mar 2005Japan's H-IIA Rocket Returns To Flight With MTSAT-1R Launch
28 Feb 2005JAXA receives third-time ignition experiment data
26 Feb 2005H-IIA successfully returns to flight with MTSAT-1R launch
24 Feb 2005New launch date set for MTSat-1R
22 Feb 2005Delay of the day: H-IIA/MTSat-1R
20 Feb 2005MTSAT-1R pre-launch details
08 Dec 2004H-2A return to flight in February 2005
11 Jun 2004Robert Prevaux named SS/L vice president
19 Mar 2004SS/L finally delivers MTSAT-1R
28 Jan 2004Update: SS/L to finish MTSAT-1R, pay compensation for delay
27 Jan 2004SS/L to finish MTSAT-1R, pay compensation for delay
12 Nov 2003Fate of MTSAT-1R still unclear
13 Oct 2003Loral allowed to drop MTSAT contract
03 Oct 2003Japans sues Loral over MTSAT-1R delivery
22 May 2003GOES-9 takes over from GMS-5
22 Apr 2003MTSAT 1R launch postponed
25 Mar 2003GOES-9: Turning Japanese
11 Mar 2003Government launches to keep H-IIA going
25 Apr 2002H-2A too expensive for SS/L, reports
18 Feb 2002Flawed blueprint killed DASH — report
15 Nov 2001MTSAT delivery delayed
08 Jun 2000Alcatel to provide payload for MTSAT-1R
24 Mar 2000SS/L to build MTSAT replacement
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