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Articles in our archive

10 Mar 2016WMO facilitates use of new Himawari-8 satellite data
22 Aug 2014Mitsubishi Electric ready to deliver Himawari-8 to Tanegashima
13 Nov 2009Himawari 6 suffers blackout, backup satellite takes over
22 Jul 2009MELCO to build two new weather satellites
02 Dec 2008First international satellite order for Japan's Melco
22 Jan 2007AAS says 2006 was 'exceptional'
18 Feb 2006H-IIA launches MTSAT 2
17 Feb 2006'Delay' of the day: MTSAT-2/H-IIA F9
01 Feb 2006Dates for next Japanese launches set
08 Dec 2005Launch date for H-IIA #9, MTSAT-2 set
26 Feb 2005H-IIA successfully returns to flight with MTSAT-1R launch
18 Oct 2002GOES-9 to temporarily replace Himawari 5 next spring
13 May 2002The surprise return of GOES-9
10 Dec 2001GOES to jump in for delayed MTSAT?
15 Nov 2001MTSAT delivery delayed
22 Jun 2001Alcatel to supply aeronautical communications repeater for MTSAT-2
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