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Articles in our archive

05 Oct 2017Koreasat-5A arrives in Cape Canaveral for launch
21 Nov 2012Report: DPRK jams South Korean satellite comms
05 Sep 2008News in brief
05 Dec 2007Korean Military Launches New Satellite System
22 Jan 2007AAS says 2006 was 'exceptional'
01 Dec 2006Koreasat 5 starts commercial operation
02 Nov 2006South Korea, Japan co-ordinate satellite frequencies
22 Aug 2006Zenit 3SL put South Korean dual-purpose satellite in orbit
10 Aug 2006Sea Launch prepares next launch
18 Jul 2006Koreasat 5 to be Sea Launched 10 days later
27 Jun 2006Mugunghwa 5 launch scheduled for 10 August
22 Feb 2006Korea Plans Sea Launch of Satellite From Pacific
20 Feb 2006Koreasat 5 launch in July
15 Sep 2005Koreasat-2 outage
02 Dec 2004Thales named prime for Syracuse ground segment
19 May 2004Koreasat 5 on Zenit 3SL--report
12 May 2004Worldsat signs KT for Northeast Asian satellite services
05 Apr 2004Russian Policy May Limit Foreign Launch Competition
29 Oct 2003Telesat Canada results 3Q 2003
17 Jun 2003Alcatel to build Star One C1
10 Jun 2003Update: Koreasat 5 contract signed
09 Jun 2003Koreasat 5 contract signed
19 Dec 2002Alcatel to build Koreasat 5
18 Nov 2002Koreasat 5 manufacturer to be selected in 2003
30 Aug 2002Ka-band payload from Koreasat 5 shifted to other spacecraft
22 Aug 2002Potential bidders for Koreasat 5 surface
24 Apr 2002South Korea to expand service area with Koreasat 5
09 Jan 2002Koreasat 5 announced
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