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07 Nov 2018Russian-built rocket launches European weather satellite
17 Apr 2018MetOp-C gets ready for launch
11 Aug 2017Airbus completes MetOp-C platform/payload coupling
08 Dec 2016EUMETSAT extends METOP-A lifetime
18 Oct 2016Airbus weather satellite MetOp-A notches up 10 years
26 May 2014MetOp-A instrument resumes operations
28 Jun 2013More bandwidth for Metop data
24 Apr 2013Metop-B takes over prime operational service
28 Mar 201330th anniversary of first SAR hosted payload on U.S. weather satellites
06 Feb 2013Soyuz launch completes Globalstar's new constellation
28 Sep 2012Metop-B delivers first data from polar orbit
21 Sep 2012ESA hands over control of the Metop-B weather satellite to EUMETSAT
18 Sep 2012EUMETSAT operations team ready to take over control of Metop-B
17 Sep 2012MetOp-B launched from Baikonur
06 Sep 2012Metop-B ready for launch
21 Aug 2012Fuelling to begin with the MetOp-B weather satellite for next Soyuz mission
31 Jul 2012Metop-A completes 30,000th orbit
22 Mar 2012Metop-B passes launch site health checks
09 Mar 2012Metop-B arrives at launch site
05 Mar 2012Metop-B to be shipped to launch site
17 Feb 2012Metop-B launch date set for 23 May
30 Jan 2012Europe's next weather satellite passes final checks
09 Jan 2012Selected ESA activities in 2012
25 Oct 2011EUMETSAT-NOAA co-operation continues with NPP
19 Oct 2011Fifth anniversary of Metop-A in orbit
09 Mar 2011ESA takes first steps towards MetOp Second Generation
04 Feb 2011McMurdo Station in Antarctica receives first data from Metop-A
18 Jan 2011EUMETSAT extends coverage of direct readout of Metop data
10 Sep 2010Metop-C to be launched by Soyuz
27 Aug 2010Metop-A completes 20,000th orbit
03 Aug 2010MetOp-B payload module passes vacuum test
12 Feb 2009Metop-A satellite resumes Fast Data Service
24 Nov 2008Integral Systems Europe to support EUMETSAT's Polar MCS
20 Mar 2008Switch-off of Metop-A Payload
30 Oct 2007MetOp-A's backup AHRPT stays offline for the time being
21 Sep 2007Metop-A recovery successful
18 Sep 2007Glitch shuts down MetOp-A payload
31 Jul 2007Failure of Metop-A's primary AHRPT is permanent
10 Jul 2007MetOp-A ceases direct high-res picture transmission
15 May 2007Metop-A declared operational
24 Apr 2007Metop-A instruments switched back on
23 Apr 2007MetOp-A switches off payload module
27 Dec 2006Inaugural Soyuz-2.1b launches French planet finder
04 Dec 2006MetOp-A has problems during testing
04 Dec 2006COROT fuelled
03 Nov 2006Two more MetOp-A instruments start providing data
25 Oct 2006MetOp-A instrument comes to life
23 Oct 2006MetOp-A control handed over to EUMETSAT
23 Oct 2006New cargo vessel on its way to the ISS
19 Oct 2006Seventh MetOp-A launch attempt successful
18 Oct 2006Weather prevents launch of weather satellite
17 Oct 2006Delay of the day: MetOp-A
11 Oct 2006MetOp-A pre-launch details (II)
10 Oct 2006MetOp-A encapsulated in fairing
05 Oct 2006New launch date for MetOp-A set
02 Oct 2006MetOp-A launch postponed again
28 Sep 2006Baikonur launch manifest for the rest of the year
26 Sep 2006MetOp-A mated to Fregat upper stage
19 Sep 2006MetOp launch campaign resumed
18 Sep 2006Soyuz launched to, Atlantis undocked from ISS
14 Sep 2006New launch date for Europe's first polar-orbiting weather satellite
27 Jul 2006Update: Dnepr crashes after lift-off
20 Jul 2006MetOp-A launch operations suspended, long delay likely
19 Jul 2006MetOp-A launch halted, postponed indefinitely
18 Jul 2006Still No Go for MetOp-A
17 Jul 2006Delay of the day: Soyuz ST/MetOp-A
12 Jul 2006MetOp-A pre-launch details
04 Jul 2006MetOp-A fuelled and pressurised
27 Jun 2006MetOp-A gets green light for 17 July launch date
26 Jun 2006New Progress vessel arrives at ISS
19 Apr 2006MetOp-A lands in Kazakhstan
23 Mar 2006MetOp-A ready to fly to Kazakhstan
23 Feb 2006Metop-A launch set for June
17 Nov 2005Metop launch now set for mid-2006
05 May 2005Roskosmos supports Metop-A launch
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