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06 May 2019Airbus to build multimission satellite for Measat
16 Oct 2014Measat-3b officially handed over
10 Sep 2014Measat-3b/Optus 10 pre-launch details
30 Apr 2014Optus 10 arrives at Kourou
14 Apr 2014MEASAT-3b shipped to Kourou
23 Jul 2012GMV USA systems to control Measat 3b
25 May 2012Astro commits to 18 transponders on Measat-3b
20 Feb 2012NewSat takes capacity on Measat-3b
13 Dec 2011Arianespace selected to launch Measat-3b
07 Jun 2011Measat 3b ordered from Astrium
13 Jan 2011Sun takes two more transponders on Measat-3
20 Oct 2010AORA takes additional capacity at 91.5 degrees East
05 Oct 2009European Media Port to use new Measat satellite
02 Jul 2009News in brief
01 Jul 2009Measat-3a to begin testing
28 May 2009Astro takes six transponders on Measat-3a
08 May 2009Telekom Malaysia renews Measat contract
23 Jul 2008Measat-3A shipped to Kazakhstan for Land Launch
25 Jun 2008Launch date set for Measat-3a
19 Jun 2008News in brief
28 Feb 2008Spaceconnection to market Measat-3 capacity in North America
26 Feb 2008Land Launch of renamed Measat satellite slips forward
18 Feb 2008Indian DTH company books Measat-3 transponders
14 Jan 2008Measat relocates, rededicates, renames satellite oldie
20 Nov 2007Antrix takes ProtoStar capacity
01 Nov 2007Antrix leases Measat-3 capacity
26 Jul 2007Astro to take up to 13 Measat-3 transponders
23 Jul 2007Reliance's Bluemagic to use Measat-3 satellite for DTH
19 Jun 2007Astro books 13 Measat 3 transponders
11 Jun 2007Delay of the day: Measat-1R
22 Feb 2007The quality control behind Measat-3's successful launch
19 Feb 2007Measat 3 handed over
25 Jan 2007Measat-3 enters commercial service
04 Jan 2007Astro takes five Measat-3 transponders
28 Dec 2006Measat-3 to commence in-orbit testing
12 Dec 2006Russian Proton launches Malaysian telecommunication satellite
08 Dec 2006Measat-3 pre-launch details
01 Dec 2006Measat Set To Become Leading Regional Satellite Operator
28 Nov 2006Measat-3 to spur South Asia pay-TV tie-ups
28 Nov 2006Measat in talks with South Asian firms to extend customer base
28 Nov 2006Boeing ships MEASAT-3 to Baikonur
24 Nov 2006Measat insures latest satellite
09 Nov 2006Update: Proton M/Briz M lifts off with Badr 4
12 Oct 2006Badr-4 launch campaign started
28 Sep 2006Baikonur launch manifest for the rest of the year
17 Jul 2006MEASAT-3 to be launched next winter
11 Nov 2005MEASAT orders MEASAT-1R from Orbital
17 Jun 2005Interest in Measat capacity
03 Jun 2005Measat-3 to be a money-spinner
20 Dec 2004ISRO to build Measat-4
29 Nov 2004Malaysia to buy U.S.-made MEASAT 3 with financing from Ex-Im Bank
29 Oct 2003Telesat Canada results 3Q 2003
05 Sep 2003MEASAT-3 to fly on Proton-M in 2005
28 Aug 2003Binariang Satellite gets US$250 million loan facilities
21 Mar 2003Binariang Satellite Systems orders MEASAT 3
05 Feb 2003Measat reported to order third satellite soon
08 Oct 2002New Boeing proposal for Measat 3
22 Aug 2001Measat in Africa?
22 Nov 2000Measat 3 planned (again)
15 Feb 1999Binariang wants Measat 3
21 Oct 1997Measat 3 planned
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