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06 May 2019Airbus to build multimission satellite for Measat
16 Oct 2014Measat-3b officially handed over
10 Sep 2014Measat-3b/Optus 10 pre-launch details
30 Apr 2014Optus 10 arrives at Kourou
14 Apr 2014MEASAT-3b shipped to Kourou
23 Jul 2012GMV USA systems to control Measat 3b
25 May 2012Astro commits to 18 transponders on Measat-3b
20 Feb 2012NewSat takes capacity on Measat-3b
13 Dec 2011Arianespace selected to launch Measat-3b
07 Jun 2011Measat 3b ordered from Astrium
20 Oct 2010AORA takes additional capacity at 91.5 degrees East
05 Oct 2009European Media Port to use new Measat satellite
15 Sep 2009Saft introduces latest lithium-ion technology with Optus D3
20 Jul 2009Measat plans another satellite
17 Jul 2009Measat-3a operational; handed over to operator
01 Jul 2009Measat-3a to begin testing
22 Jun 2009Land Launch successfully deploys Measat-3a
12 Jun 2009Launch date set for Measat-3a
11 Jun 2009Oops! No Measat-3a launch on 19 June
02 Jun 2009Final preparations for launch of Measat-3a
28 May 2009Astro takes six transponders on Measat-3a
08 May 2009Telekom Malaysia renews Measat contract
27 Feb 2009New launch date for Measat 3a
24 Feb 2009Telstar 11N pre-launch details
28 Nov 2008Measat-3a sent back to manufacturer for repairs
13 Aug 2008Crane mishap at Baikonur damages commercial satellite
12 Aug 2008Measat 3A launch delayed several weeks
11 Aug 2008Measat 3A to be flown back to U.S. for repairs
23 Jul 2008Measat-3A shipped to Kazakhstan for Land Launch
25 Jun 2008Launch date set for Measat-3a
28 Feb 2008Spaceconnection to market Measat-3 capacity in North America
26 Feb 2008Land Launch of renamed Measat satellite slips forward
11 Jun 2007Delay of the day: Measat-1R
12 Dec 2006Russian Proton launches Malaysian telecommunication satellite
10 Mar 2006Measat books Land Launch for Measat 1R, report
11 Nov 2005MEASAT orders MEASAT-1R from Orbital
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