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25 Oct 2011Malaysian imaging satellite lost pointing accuracy after one year of operations
07 Oct 2009'Remote sensing' facility for Malaysia in outer space
03 Sep 2009SpaceX to launch new Orbcomms
20 Jul 2009RazakSAT sends first image
14 Jul 2009Falcon 1 launches Malaysia's RazakSAT
13 Jul 2009Launch updates
01 Jun 2009SpaceX and ATSB announce new launch date for Razaksat
15 May 2009RazakSAT satellite launch postponed to mid-July
20 Apr 2009'Compatability issue' delays RazakSAT launch
17 Apr 2009Delay of the day: Falcon 1/RazakSAT
30 Mar 2009SpaceX sets RazakSAT launch date
23 Mar 2009RazakSAT arrives at Marshall Islands launch site
12 Mar 2009New launch date for RazakSAT
08 Oct 2008SpaceX delays RazakSat launch
29 Sep 2008Fourth Falcon 1 reaches orbit
07 Aug 2008Do The Bump! - The Sequel
29 Jul 2008Next Falcon 1 launch expected between 1 and 5 August
10 Mar 2008Next Falcon 1 to launch Operationally Responsive Space satellite
14 Feb 2008Delays of the day: Vinasat, Razaksat
02 Jan 2008Huge savings with satellite
13 Nov 2007Delay of the day: RazakSAT
24 Oct 2007Malaysia plans to build own government comsat
26 Mar 2007RazakSAT To Be Launched By End Of The Year
21 Mar 2007Falcon 1: 'Not perfect, but certainly pretty good'
01 Jun 2006SpaceX gets tenth Falcon launch contract
04 May 2006Falcon 1 problems delay RazakSAT launch more than a year
13 Sep 2005Malaysia plans five NEO satellites
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