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09 Oct 2017Michibiki No. 4 successfully launched
29 Aug 2017Launch date set for next Japanese GPS augmentation satellite
21 Aug 2017Japan launches new GPS augmentation satellite
16 Aug 2017New launch date for third Japanese navsat
14 Aug 2017Delay of the day: H-IIA, MICHIBIKI No. 3 (again)
09 Aug 2017Delay of the day: H-IIA, MICHIBIKI No. 3
15 Jun 2017Launch date set for next Japanese navsat
01 Jun 2017Japan launches second navigation augmentation satellite
30 May 2017Update: Launch date set for Michibiki No. 2
10 Apr 2017Launch date set for Michibiki No. 2
18 Apr 2016Satellites to keep Japanese connected when disaster strikes
22 Mar 2013Mitsubishi Electric completes expansion of satellite production facility
22 Jun 2011Michibiki begins providing positioning signals
11 Jan 2011Michibiki Produces 3-Centimeter Accuracy
17 Dec 2010Michibiki now in regular mode, enters technical tests
20 Oct 2010Michibiki sends first navigation signal
27 Sep 2010Michibiki in final orbit
24 Sep 2010EDITORIAL: Japan's GPS satellite
13 Sep 2010Japan launches first GPS augmentation satellite
10 Sep 2010JAXA to launch satellite; original GPS plan on hold
09 Sep 2010Japan's 1st navigation satellite good for GPS
04 Aug 2010New launch date set for Japan's Michibiki
23 Jun 2010Delay of the day: QZSS 'Mishibiki'
09 Jun 2010Japan sets launch date for first HEO navigation augmentation satellite
20 Jan 2010\"Michibiki\" chosen as nickname of the first Quasi-Zenith Satellite
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