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Articles in our archive

12 Oct 2011PSLV launches Megha-Tropiques
11 Oct 2011Countdown commenced for PSLV-C18 / Megha-Tropiques Mission
05 Oct 2011PSLV-C18 to put four satellites in orbit
13 Sep 2011Orbcomm prepares for launch of AIS satellite
12 Sep 2011Megha-Tropiques launch on 12 October
05 Sep 2011TAS delivers sounder for Megha-Tropiques
26 Aug 2011Megha-Tropiques to be joined by three nano satellites
17 Aug 2011ISRO getting ready for climate research satellite Megha-Tropiques launch
20 Apr 2011PSLV successfully launches three satellites
05 Jan 2011ISRO to launch two or three communication satellites in 2011
05 Dec 2010ISRO orders Ariane launches; renews contract with Astrium
15 Nov 2010ISRO to launch three satellites for studying climate change
31 Mar 2010Dates set for next launches of Indian rockets
23 Mar 2009Indo-French satellite to study tropical areas
07 Jul 2008ISRO, CNES review joint satellite programmes
14 Feb 2007Delayed Indian weather satellites now expected to launch 2008
30 Jan 2007Next generation satellites for weather forecast: ISRO chief
01 Dec 2005Indian satellites plans 2006-2009
22 Nov 2004Mega-Trophiques doubles mass
12 Nov 2004ISRO, CNES sign MoU on Megha-Tropiques
20 Oct 2004Megha-Tropiques enters next phase
14 May 2001Megha Tropiques agreement signed
12 Dec 1999India, France to co-operate on research sat
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