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Articles in our archive

11 Aug 2017Airbus completes MetOp-C platform/payload coupling
08 Dec 2016EUMETSAT extends METOP-A lifetime
18 Oct 2016Airbus weather satellite MetOp-A notches up 10 years
26 May 2014MetOp-A instrument resumes operations
28 Jun 2013More bandwidth for Metop data
24 Apr 2013Metop-B takes over prime operational service
06 Feb 2013Soyuz launch completes Globalstar's new constellation
28 Jan 2013Astrium sums up 2012
28 Sep 2012Metop-B delivers first data from polar orbit
21 Sep 2012ESA hands over control of the Metop-B weather satellite to EUMETSAT
19 Sep 2012COM DEV Europe technology launched on European weather satellite
18 Sep 2012EUMETSAT operations team ready to take over control of Metop-B
17 Sep 2012MetOp-B launched from Baikonur
06 Sep 2012Metop-B ready for launch
21 Aug 2012Fuelling to begin with the MetOp-B weather satellite for next Soyuz mission
02 Aug 2012Arianespace celebrates 50th launch success in a row
31 Jul 2012Metop-A completes 30,000th orbit
28 Jun 2012New launch date confirmed for Metop-B
28 May 2012Kazakhstan reportedly blocks certain Soyuz launches
27 Apr 2012MetOp-B launch postponed
22 Mar 2012Metop-B passes launch site health checks
09 Mar 2012Metop-B arrives at launch site
05 Mar 2012Metop-B to be shipped to launch site
17 Feb 2012Metop-B launch date set for 23 May
30 Jan 2012Europe's next weather satellite passes final checks
19 Jan 2012Astrium looks back on 2011
09 Jan 2012Selected ESA activities in 2012
01 Dec 2011EUMETSAT gives green light for MSG-4 launch in 2015
25 Oct 2011EUMETSAT-NOAA co-operation continues with NPP
19 Oct 2011Fifth anniversary of Metop-A in orbit
09 Mar 2011ESA takes first steps towards MetOp Second Generation
18 Jan 2011EUMETSAT extends coverage of direct readout of Metop data
01 Dec 2010MTG reaches funding level of 86 percent but Portugal blocks
10 Sep 2010Metop-C to be launched by Soyuz
03 Aug 2010MetOp-B payload module passes vacuum test
12 Feb 2009Metop-A satellite resumes Fast Data Service
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