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Articles in our archive

17 Nov 2017U.S. Navy accepts MUOS-5
24 Apr 2017MUOS-5 legacy UHF payload operational
03 Mar 2017Yet another delay for GPS III
05 Dec 2016SBIRS GEO-3 engine investigation complete
09 Nov 2016Harris unfurlable mesh reflectors deployed on MUOS 5
04 Nov 2016Navy's MUOS-5 satellite reaches orbit
26 Sep 2016Delay of the day: SBIRS-GEO 3 loses launch slot, slips to 2017
19 Aug 2016GSSAP satellite inspects stuck MUOS-5
03 Aug 2016MUOS-5 remains stuck in transfer orbit
08 Jul 2016MUOS 5 temporarily stuck in transfer orbit
24 Jun 2016Fifth MUOS satellite lofted by Atlas V
15 Jun 2016Atlas V anomaly caused by control valve
14 Jun 2016MUOS-5 satellite encapsulated for launch on 24 June
12 Jun 2016Delta IV launches classified payload
11 Apr 2016Delay of the day: Atlas V/MUOS-5
29 Mar 2016Delay of the day: Atlas V/MUOS-5
23 Mar 2016Atlas V launches Cygnus vessel
09 Mar 2016Lockheed Martin ships fifth MUOS satellite to Florida
03 Dec 2015U.S. Navy accepts MUOS-4
28 Aug 2015Atlas 5 to launch MUOS-4 on Monday
14 Aug 2015MUOS-4 encapsulated for Atlas V launch
01 Dec 2014Lockheed Martin completes MUOS 4 environmental testing
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