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Articles in our archive

10 Sep 2013Gogo signs ground satellite infrastructure deal with SES
19 Dec 2012Gogo signs major capacity deal with SES for in-flight broadband
31 May 2011YellowSat takes inclined orbit capacity on NSS-703
18 Jan 2010NSS-12 enters commercial service
12 Oct 2009Next Ariane 5 delivered
29 Sep 2009NSS-12 delivered to Kourou
17 Jun 2009News in brief
22 Apr 2009News in brief
03 Mar 2009News in brief
19 Nov 2008Arrowhead books 90 MHz of satellite capacity on NSS-12
16 Sep 2008CETel books Ku-band transponder on NSS-12
08 Sep 2008Talia contracts multiple transponders on NSS-12
01 Jul 2008Essel contracts New Skies Capacity for HITS platform
19 Jun 2008News in brief
21 Apr 2008Talia launches satellite Internet network on NSS-703
10 May 2007SES orders NSS-12 from Space Systems/Loral
06 Mar 2007NSS-10 and NSS-11 join SES New Skies fleet
14 Feb 2007Restructuring, part I: GE leaves SES Global
31 Jan 2007Zenit-3SL explodes on launch pad
11 May 2006New Skies signs agreement with Dutch Ministry of Defence
14 Dec 2005SES Global buys New Skies for US$760 million
25 Oct 2005SSVC takes New Skies capacity
28 Apr 2004ISRO and New Skies sign NSS-6 multi-transponder agreement
06 Feb 2003NSS-8 to cover Asia, not Americas
30 Jan 2003Reliance takes NSS-703 transponders
02 Dec 2002ChinaSat to resell New Skies capacity
18 Nov 2002New Skies partners with ST Teleport
08 Oct 2002Asian Games on NSS-703
27 Aug 2002US$100-million contract for New Skies
31 May 2002New Skies, TVNZ bring World Cup to Asia, Africa
21 May 2002IBB books NSS-703 capacity
26 Mar 2002TVNZ Satellite Services doubles New Skies capacity
09 Jan 2001Half of NSS-6 transponders for India
02 Nov 2000New Skies in India
03 May 1999No music please
01 Dec 1998Intelsat transfers satellites to New Skies
01 Apr 1998Intelsat makes history by selling six satellites!
15 Feb 1998Intelsat to spin off satellites
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