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Articles in our archive

29 Jul 2016SES S.A. results H1 2016
29 Apr 2016SES S.A. results Q1 2016
26 Feb 2016SES S.A. results 2015
24 Jul 2015SES S.A. results H1 2015
22 Jan 2015Ariane 5 to launch SES-12 in 2017
17 Jul 2014Airbus DS to build SES-12
03 Feb 2014SES-8 enters operations
19 Dec 2013IPMTV expands, extends multi-year capacity deal on SES-8
04 Dec 2013Update: SpaceX's Falcon 9 lofts its first geostationary satellite
09 Apr 2013News in brief
21 Aug 2012SES and Pactel sign additional capacity deal
19 Jun 2012SES signs new multi-year capacity deal with Telikom PNG
09 Mar 2011SpeedCast acquires capacity on NSS-6, 7 and 12
17 Feb 2011SES orders new satellite from Orbital
08 Feb 2011Pakistan's Supernet Ltd. takes Ku-band capacity on NSS-6
30 Sep 2010The first malware in geostationary orbit?
27 May 2010Vietnamese company launches new DTH platform on NSS-6
26 Nov 2009Astel, SES World Skies keep Kazakh train commuters connected
22 Apr 2009News in brief
23 Sep 2008ProtoStar I troubles may have deepened
19 Jun 2008News in brief
17 Jun 2008News in brief
26 Nov 2007ProtoStar 1 to become condo satellite?
06 Mar 2007NSS-10 and NSS-11 join SES New Skies fleet
14 Feb 2007Restructuring, part I: GE leaves SES Global
02 Jan 2007ProtoStar may build Agrani for Dish TV, report
14 Dec 2005SES Global buys New Skies for US$760 million
28 Nov 2005Agrani plans to buy medium-sized satellite--report
25 Aug 2005New Skies sells Australian subsidiary to Multiemedia
13 Jun 2005New Skies signs agreement with SMART for broadband services in Asia
07 Mar 2005INSAT-4 Ku-band completely booked out
04 Feb 2005New Skies supports AFRTS with occasional-use and restoration services
28 Jun 2004Com-ToNet takes NSS-6 transponder
10 Jun 2004New Skies expands two-way satellite broadband services
06 May 2004Two-Way internet hub for the Middle East
05 May 2004New Skies Satellites results Q1 2004
28 Apr 2004ISRO and New Skies sign NSS-6 multi-transponder agreement
11 Feb 2004New Skies results 2003
09 Feb 2004News Skies announces Athens teleport
05 Nov 2003New Skies results 3Q 2003
12 Aug 2003New Skies Satellites results 2Q 2003
13 May 2003Second Atlas V launches Hellas-Sat
07 May 2003Hellas-Sat (2) pre-launch details
05 May 2003KMS/FalconStream on NSS-6 and 7
30 Jan 2003Lifting Asia's Capacity?
20 Jan 2003REACH signs three contracts
19 Dec 2002Optus slips behind New Skies
18 Dec 2002NSS-6 launched by second-last Ariane 4
16 Dec 2002NSS-6 pre-launch details
12 Dec 2002Flight 157: What Ariane launches will be delayed?
02 Dec 2002ChinaSat to resell New Skies capacity
29 Nov 2002Software glitch halted Ariane 5 ECA countdown
18 Nov 2002New Skies partners with ST Teleport
13 Nov 2002NSS 6 arrives at Kourou
16 Sep 2002Hellas Sat 2 to fly on Atlas V
27 Aug 2002US$100-million contract for New Skies
15 Aug 2002Will New Skies Be Debt Free In 2004?
28 May 2002Extra satellites join broadband war
17 Apr 2002NSS-7
07 Feb 2002New Skies 4Q 2001 results
15 Jan 2002LMCSS completes restructuring
01 Nov 2001New Skies 3Q 2001 results
03 Aug 2001New Skies has sold 2/3 of its capacity
09 Jan 2001Half of NSS-6 transponders for India
02 Nov 2000New Skies in India
07 Aug 2000NSS orders Big One from Lockheed Martin
15 Oct 1999New Ariane launch contracts
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