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26 Feb 2015Telesat Holdings Inc. results 2014
30 Oct 2014Telesat Holdings Inc. results Q3 2014
31 Jul 2014Telesat Holdings Inc. results Q2 2014
01 May 2014Telesat Holdings Inc. results Q1 2014
24 Feb 2014Telesat results 2013
10 Apr 2007Telesat's Anik F3 launched by Proton
17 Jan 2006Astrium to build, ILS to launch Telesat's Nimiq 4
07 Nov 2005Ar-Sat leasing Anik-E2, not Nimiq-2
02 Nov 2005Ar-Sat looks for Intelsat assistance
23 Aug 2004Bell Canada's ExpressVu switches to... 'Nimiq 3'?
19 Dec 2003Telesat gets green light for new direct broadcast satellite
29 Oct 2003Telesat Canada results 3Q 2003
30 Jul 2003Telesat Canada results 2Q 2003
19 Mar 2003Anik F1R to fly on Proton M in 2005
24 Feb 2003Nimiq 1 to the rescue
23 Feb 2003Power anomaly affects eight transponders on Nimiq 2
21 Feb 2003Nimiq 2 experiences malfunction
30 Jan 2003Telesat Canada results 2002
30 Dec 2002Proton M/Briz M put Nimiq 2 in orbit
27 Dec 2002Proton-M, Nimiq 2 pre-launch details
23 Dec 2002Upcoming Russian launches
03 Dec 2002Russian satellite launch schedule December 2002
02 Dec 2002Nimiq 2 shipped to Baikonur
26 Nov 2002Astra 1K stranded in useless orbit
08 Nov 2002Hellas Sat signs Atlas V launch contract
24 Jul 2002Telesat Canada results 2Q 2002
09 May 2002Does ILS prefer U.S. rockets?
06 May 2002Telesat results 1Q 2002
13 Dec 2001ILS to double launches in 2002
27 Nov 2001Nimiq to the help of rural U.S. cable companies?
25 Oct 2001Russia plans 14 Proton launches in 2002
04 Oct 2001Telesat satellites \"on schedule\"
29 Jun 2001Telesat Canada orders Nimiq 2
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