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25 Jan 2018China launches remote sensing satellites
10 Aug 2017DLR orders nanosat platform from GomSpace
18 May 2017TAS to provide Argos Neo instrument for Angels
30 Mar 2017CanX-7 validates aircraft tracking, prepares for deorbit demo
14 Nov 2016First NRO CubeSat mission aboard non-governmental launch
16 Aug 2016Update: China's quantum satellite in orbit
20 Jul 2016Vector Space Systems acquires Garvey Spacecraft Corporation
04 Feb 2013U.S. Army SMDC funds Andrews Space to build imaging nanosat
18 Dec 2012Boeing delivers two nanosatellites to U.S. Air Force
15 Aug 2011Andrews Space and ISIS offer SENTRY nanospacecraft platform
24 Mar 2011FASTRAC satellites go separate ways
09 Dec 2010Falcon 9 carried small satellite, big cheese
29 Jul 2009Dnepr lofts six satellites in cluster launch
24 Apr 2008NASA, m2mi to work on nanosat constellation
10 Mar 2008Next Falcon 1 to launch Operationally Responsive Space satellite
03 Apr 2007Cornell wins nanosat competition
16 May 2006First flight test of prototype reentry break-up recorder hardware
09 Sep 2005Engineers enter satellite competition
14 Jun 2005SpaceDev awarded Nanosat hybrid propulsion contract
25 May 2005Prospector 6 successfully launched, recovered
29 Jan 2005Mexico, Russia plan earthquake-detecting nanosat
18 Dec 2004New French spy satellite orbited by Ariane 5G
16 Dec 2004Ariane 5G+ enters its final preparation phase for launch
07 Dec 2004New date for Ariane Flight 165 set
06 Dec 2004Demosat, Nanosat 2 pre-launch details
26 Nov 2004Nanosat, Parasol, Essaim pre-launch details (II)
25 Nov 2004Ariane Flight 164/165 launch dates swapped
03 Nov 2004Ariane 5 completes initial integration
19 Oct 2004Helios II launch next December
06 Oct 2004Arianespace to launch swarm of nanosatellites
14 Jan 2002'Nanosat' Technologies Ready For National Security Missions
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