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18 Oct 2016Airbus weather satellite MetOp-A notches up 10 years
26 Nov 2015NOAA 16 may have shed debris
10 Jun 2014NOAA retires NOAA-16 polar satellite
28 Jun 2013More bandwidth for Metop data
10 Apr 2013NOAA retires polar-orbiting satellite
25 Oct 2011EUMETSAT-NOAA co-operation continues with NPP
10 Sep 2010Metop-C to be launched by Soyuz
01 Apr 2010World's first weather satellite launched 50 years ago
28 Apr 2009STSS ATRR pre-launch details
24 Mar 2009NOAA-19 completes on-orbit verification
06 Feb 2009New U.S. weather satellite successfully launched
05 Feb 2009NOAA-N Prime launch delayed 24 more hours
04 Feb 2009NOAA-N Prime delayed a day
02 Feb 2009Back from the brink: Broken satellite now fixed and ready
22 Jan 2009NOAA-N Prime pre-launch details
19 Jan 2009Delty IV Heavy lifts off with U.S. spy satellite
04 Nov 2008NOAA-N prime satellite arrives at Vandenberg for February 2009 launch
08 Sep 2008It was Spainsat, not XTAR-EUR
07 Sep 2008Five years ago: the fall of NOAA-N Prime
06 Aug 2007N-Prime to be stored, launched later
11 Oct 2006MetOp-A pre-launch details (II)
23 Mar 2006MetOp-A ready to fly to Kazakhstan
01 Mar 2006NOAA, EUMETSAT agree on data denial plan
03 Jun 2005SeaSpace supports launch of latest NOAA satellite
20 May 2005Fifth NOAA-N launch attempt successful
18 May 2005No contamination: NOAA-N cleared for launch
17 May 2005New NOAA-N launch date tentatively set
14 May 2005Fourth delay for NOAA-N
13 May 2005Defunct water pump delays NOAA-N launch
12 May 2005EUMETSAT instrument to fly on NOAA-N
12 May 2005NASA postpones NOAA-N launch additional 24 hours
11 May 2005Delay of the day: NOAA-N
09 May 2005NOAA-N pre-launch details
05 May 2005Update - Polar-orbiting NOAA-N to be launched on 11 May
04 May 2005Polar-orbiting NOAA-N to be launched on 11 May
14 Jan 2005NOAA-N to be prepared for March launch
12 Jan 2005Deep Impact launched, enters safe mode
26 Oct 2004Lockheed Martin (Space Systems) results Q3 2004
11 Oct 2004Lockheed Martin Profits To Pay for NOAA N-Prime Repairs
06 Oct 2004NOOA N Prime to be rebuilt, launched as planned
05 Oct 2004NOAA-N-Prime Mishap Investigation Report released
27 Jan 2004Lockheed Martin (Space Systems) results 2003
28 Dec 2003Satellite mishap may mean gaps in weather forecasts
10 Sep 2003NOAA-N Prime update
09 Sep 2003NOAA-N Prime falls from turn-over cart
09 Feb 2001NOAA-N on Delta II
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