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20 Dec 2017NASA preselects two New Frontiers missions
18 Sep 2017Hibernation over, New Horizons continues its Kuiper Belt cruise
12 Apr 2017New Horizons to hibernate until September
10 Feb 2017New Horizons exits brief safe mode, recovery operations continue
01 Feb 2017New Horizons refines course for next flyby
04 Jan 2017NASA selects two missions to explore early solar system
28 Oct 2016Final Pluto data transmission received from flyby probe
04 Jul 2016NASA extends nine missions, including New Horizons and Dawn
07 Jan 2016New Horizons Pluto mission team awarded a Goddard Memorial Trophy
06 Nov 2015New Horizons completes Kuiper Belt targeting manoeuvres
06 Sep 2015NASA's New Horizons begins intensive data downlink phase
01 Sep 2015Distant ice ball to become farthest object ever visited
14 Jul 2015New Horizons completes Pluto flyby
06 Jul 2015New Horizons to return to normal science operations after hiccup
03 Jul 2015New Horizons 'speeds up' on final approach to Pluto
01 Jul 2015Ralph is ready for historic Pluto flyby
24 Feb 2015The dark future of American space exploration
07 Dec 2014NASA's New Horizons spacecraft awakens for encounter
01 Dec 2014Ground team ready to rouse Pluto probe for historic flyby
15 Jul 2014New Horizons marks a 'year out' with a successful course correction
21 May 2014Pluto-bound probe faces crisis
01 Oct 2013NASA comes to a halt after U.S. government shutdown
17 Jun 2013New Horizons team sticking to original flight plan
11 Jan 2013New Horizons out of hibernation
18 Oct 2012New Horizons may face hazardous debris ball at Pluto
02 Feb 2012ULA completes milestones toward certifying Atlas V for human spaceflight
26 May 2011NASA selects OSIRIS-REx as third New Frontiers mission
29 Dec 2009Three finalists selected for NASA's next New Frontiers mission
10 Jun 2009New dishes to track Pluto encounter
24 Nov 2008NASA prepares for Juno mission
06 Mar 2008NASA's Plutonium-238 gap... and who caused it
28 Sep 2007Pluto probe corrects course
20 Aug 200730 years ago: Voyager 2 launched
05 Jul 2007Sleeper satellite to Pluto
27 Mar 2007New Horizon temporarily in safe mode
28 Feb 2007New Horizon makes Jupiter flyby
11 Jan 2007New Horizon approaches Jupiter
04 Oct 2006JHU/APL receives NASA contract
04 Sep 2006Last New Horizons instrument operational
02 May 2006Pluto probe poised to 'open its eyes'
31 Mar 2006New Horizons instrument checkout on track
13 Mar 2006NASA New Horizons adjusts course toward Jupiter
07 Feb 2006Sirius plans to launch satellite by 2010
31 Jan 2006New Horizons performs first post-launch manoeuvres
20 Jan 2006New Horizons probe starts 3 billion-mile trek to Pluto
20 Jan 2006New Horizons takes flight
20 Jan 2006With a Colo. boost, probe is off to Pluto
19 Jan 2006First mission to Pluto launched
18 Jan 2006Delay of the day I: New Horizons/Atlas V
17 Jan 2006Delay of the Day: New Horizons/Atlas V
16 Jan 2006NASA Mission to Explore Solar System's Edge
16 Jan 2006New Horizons
13 Jan 2006New Horizons pre-launch details
12 Jan 2006Pluto launch go for Tuesday
11 Jan 2006The Road to New Horizons: The 17-Year Journey that Led to the Pluto Mission
10 Jan 2006US warns world of Pluto probe's nuclear payload
10 Jan 2006Dating game for 'New Horizons'
09 Jan 2006New Horizons Pluto Mission: A Tour De Force of Rocketry, Technology
23 Dec 2005Outer space and silver hair
20 Dec 2005NASA delays Pluto launch to check for possible rocket problems
19 Dec 2005Delays and launches
12 Dec 2005New Discoveries Await Out on the Horizon
06 Dec 2005Striking machinists ask Boeing to delay launch
05 Dec 2005Scientists take precautions with battery
01 Dec 2005Boeing delivers rocket stage for Pluto flight
20 Nov 2005Boeing blames launch delays on machinists
18 Nov 2005Union accuses Boeing of circumventing safety rules
07 Nov 2005Launch of Pluto craft draws near
05 Nov 2005Workers cleared for rocket jobs
04 Nov 2005Non-union crew to finish booster rocket
03 Nov 2005Atlas V booster damaged by hurricane
30 Oct 2005New Horizons launcher slightly damaged by Wilma
24 Oct 2005KSC closed for hurricane
19 Oct 2005Pluto probe's payload ready for flight
27 Sep 2005New Horizons in Florida
08 Sep 2005Globalstar starts construction of Alaska gateway
13 Jun 2005New Horizons to be tested at Goddard Space Flight Center
09 May 2005The PI's Perspective - New Horizons Indeed
12 Apr 2005Ball Aerospace finally delivers Pluto imager
14 Jan 2005SwRI instrument selected for NASA Lunar Orbiter mission
29 Nov 2004Plutonium pinch threatens mission potential
19 Oct 2004New Horizons instrument late, report
05 Oct 2004New Horizons For Planetary Exploration
04 Oct 2004New Horizons Set To Launch With Minimum Amount of Plutonium
30 Sep 2004SDO to be launched by Atlas V
15 Aug 2004MSFC selected as program office for Discovery and New Frontiers
03 Aug 2004Lost Computer Disks at Los Alamos Could Delay NASA Mission to Pluto
17 May 2004NASA instrument aboard Rosetta completes checkout
06 Jan 2004ILS counts six successful launches, 11 new awards in 2003
24 Nov 2003NASA's New Horizons mission team plans Jupiter encounter
03 Nov 2003ILS/Lockheed Martin Atlas V gets go-ahead for second Air Force EELV mission
22 Oct 2003First Mission to Pluto in Trouble, Again
05 Sep 2003Preliminary success for Pluto probe
29 Jul 2003Pluto probe may be delayed thanks to budget cuts
25 Jul 2003Update: Pluto probe to fly on on Atlas V
24 Jul 2003Pluto probe to fly on on Atlas V
09 Apr 2003New Horizons construction authorised
18 Dec 2002Student instrument to count dust in the Kuiper belt
04 Nov 2002New Horizons completes Preliminary Design Review
09 Oct 2002Trip to Pluto is on... off... on... off... probably on
26 Jul 2002Senate Looks To The Future As Pluto Probe Wins Key Funding Support
03 Jun 2002Pluto probe completes First Major Review
23 Apr 2002More Money For Pluto (and Europa) ?
19 Apr 2002Pluto-Kuiper Belt mission makes 'significant progress'
16 Apr 2002Aviation Week magazine honours Johns Hopkins APL researchers
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