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Recorded names for this satellite (29651)

NRO L21USA 193


Articles in our archive

13 Mar 2013'China supports space junk reduction' - official
29 Jun 2009NRO-L21 failure still unexplained
27 Feb 2009Now Downloadable: USA-193: Selected Documents
03 Oct 2008GAO report calls SBIRS software re-development ambitious
25 Feb 2008U.S. military declares satellite shootdown a success
21 Feb 2008Rogue Satellite's Rotten, $10 Billion Legacy
21 Feb 2008The 35th of May
21 Feb 2008Who's next?
21 Feb 2008U.S. Navy shoots down defunct spy satellite
20 Feb 2008Weather may delay shootdown of defunct spy satellite
18 Feb 2008Spysat down!
18 Feb 2008Air traffic restriction may point to upcoming satellite shootdown
15 Feb 2008Oberg v/s Iceberg
15 Feb 2008Plans to shoot down 'unresponsive' spy satellite detailed
14 Feb 2008U.S. military confirms upcoming ASAT test
13 Feb 2008U.S. may shoot down failed spy satellite, report
30 Jan 2008Update: Failed U.S. spy satellite likely is NRO-L21
28 Jan 2008Failed U.S. spy satellite likely is NRO-L21
26 Jan 2008U.S. spy satellite to crash back to Earth within weeks
15 Oct 2007Buggy software zaps spy satellite, delays SBIRS
03 Aug 2007Total loss of NRO-L21 highlights U.S. spy satellite problems
11 Jan 2007Latest U.S. spy satellite 'comprehensive failure' -- report
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